‘They’ll Be as Gods, All Right’ (2020)

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Let us never, never, never forget what was done to us–by “government”!–in the Great Pandemic of 2020 Etc.

Why did they do those things?

Here’s why.

They’ll Be as Gods, All Right

Once upon a time, if a mad tyrant declared himself a god, eventually people would get fed up and would assassinate him. But that was before we had a whole class and whole tribes of wannabe godlets running wild all over the earth. That was before the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

The problem is… they’re all Caligula. “Just call me Zeus!” (And then Zeus falls down the stairs again.)

May the true God deliver us from all the false ones.

Is Biden Just an Old Caligula?

First this, a tweet made by SloJo during the 2020 campaign:

“Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. If you’re wondering why… it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.” (https://twitter.com/joebiden/status/1230998887298564096).

What did that instantaneously remind me of?


Here we have the insane Roman emperor, Caligula (John Hurt–greatest role he ever played), returning to Rome after staging a war against Neptune, god of the sea–which of course he claimed to have won, because he, too, is a God (it’s complicated). Then he displays the “loot” he took from Neptune: piles of sea shells. And Caligula chortles: “Loot from old Neptune! He won’t be in a hurry to take me on again!”

How delusional is Biden? Can he actually believe, even in his wildest fantasies, that Putin has any fear of him, or any respect for him? Not after Afghanistan, he doesn’t. No one does. “America? That’s where the top general in their army spends all his time worrying about white privilege and Climate Change–nothing to fear from them!”

When ya gonna give Iran nuclear weapons, Joe?

The Lord has a reason for giving us leaders like this. We had better find out what it is.

‘We Gonna Be Gods!’ (2017)

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Caligula thought of it first!

This book was all the rage, a few years ago–Homo Deus, “Man the God.” Honk if you can imagine a less worthy object of worship.

Why do computer nerds think they can redesign human life? Can they really be that stupid?

‘Fraid so!

We Gonna Be Gods!

Even ex-president *Batteries Not Included sang the praises of this book. Well, he would, wouldn’t he?

St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, but who’s gonna drive them out of Washington?

Are We as Crazy as Caligula?


John Hurt as Caligula–with Incitatus

According to Roman historians, the lunatic emperor Caligula planned to appoint his favorite racehorse, Incitatus, a consul–the highest official of the Roman Republic. He never quite got around to actually doing it, they say. But the caper certainly got Rome’s attention.

Are we any saner than Caligula?

We are told by our disgustingly mendacious nooze media that the American people have just elected a corrupt and senile old crock, Joe Biden, president. At least Incitatus could win races. Biden’s gift is for selling American government favors to foreign bad actors, including the Chinese Communist Party. And his son, Hunter, is a notorious dirty money collector.

I think most of us here are convinced that this election was very far from being honest. That our country has been stolen out from under us. But we don’t know what to do! The thieves are of very high rank, rich and powerful, highly unlikely ever to be called to account for any of their multitude of crimes.

I mean, how is this a formula for electoral success? Appoint a doddering, corrupt, apparently senile candidate and hitch him up to a Far Left Crazy running mate. Hide him in the basement throughout the campaign, while your party runs on a menu of utterly insane public policy proposals–Green New Deal, open borders, defund the police, etc. When he and his running mate emerge for a rally, make sure it’s attended by dozens of people instead of thousands. Let his son’s corrupt practices become widely and publicly known.

And Bob’s your uncle! You’ve just won the White House!

Caligula’s got nothing on this fishy election.

When Your Republic Fails

This is what you get when your republic fails. Lunatics who think they’re gods, absolutely drunk with power and insatiable for more. Most of them go on to be mass murderers. Who’s to stop them?

This is John Hurt in his unforgettable role as Caligula, the crazy-as-a-bedbug Roman emperor who thought he was a god. From the BBC’s award-winning series, I, Claudius.

Again, learn it well: This is what you get when your republic fails.

They’ll Be as Gods, All Right

tv/ - Television & Film » Thread #106408213

(Thanks to my wife, Patty, and my editor, Susan, for a most stimulating conversation this morning.)

When the Emperor Caligula declared himself a god, he scared the living dickens out of all Rome for a while, until they’d had enough of it, and killed him.

But that was then, and this is now. Our age is infested with Caligulas, all professing to be gods. Not being as honestly daft as Caligula was, they use euphemisms. Experts. Scientists. Officials Who Listen To The Science. Their creed is captured in The Humanist Manifesto II: “Using technology wisely…” we can do jolly well anything. There ain’t no God, sweet-cheeks–but you’ve got us (!) to micromanage your world for you, and that’s better than Old Whatsisname!

Oh, they want their global government so bad, they can damned near taste it! They thought they had it, practically in the palm of their hands, one more election, one more little tiny bridge to cross–and then those racist-biggit-whitesupremacist-bitterclinger deplorables went and ruined the whole freakin’ thing by electing Donald Trump instead of the globalist gal, Hillary Clinton. Those wretched American people! They stole the election!

And then along comes the Gosh-I-Don’t-Know-Where-That-Came-From Virus (Dem-speak for the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus from China), and that’s a challenge, don’t you know. If you’re gonna sit in God’s chair, you gotta meet God’s challenges.

Problem: Our anti-Christian ruling class, our globalist citizen-of-the-world ruling class, doesn’t much like us–well, all right: they hate us–and doesn’t much care if millions of us die (human sacrifices to Mother Gaea); still, they’ve got to put on a show. They’ve got to Do Something. So they’ll shut down our economy and try to keep it shut down until there’s no more disease.

Why didn’t they ever do this before, when there was a big pandemic raging? Why didn’t they do it in 1918?

Because, my wife said, because now they can! Now they’ve got the technology. Even more importantly, says I, they’ve got the ideology. It took a hundred years for the hubris to grow to this colossal size. A hundred years of rejecting God our Maker and our Judge. And now, Susan put in, they’ve got the religion for it. And it’s no religion you’re going to find in the Bible.

Make no mistake about it. Our globalist ruling class means not to serve us but to rule us, and to rule us hard, with a rod of iron. Once they get us down, they won’t let us up again.

We appeal to the God of the Book of Judges, who delivered Israel time and again from his enemies.

French Honcho Likens Self to Roman God

Emmanuel Macron is president of France because the French nooze media never, ever wrote or mentioned his name without attaching the comfortable label “centrist” to it.

But now he’s telling the noozies that his thought processes–is that what those are?–are “too complex” for them to understand. And, having summoned legislators to attend him at the palace of Louis XIV in Versailles, Macron is said to have expressed his intention to govern as “a remote, dignified figure, like the Roman god of gods, who weighs his rare pronouncements carefully” (http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/04/macron-announces-govern-like-jupiter-roman-king-gods/).

Or, as Caligula used to say, “For ‘Jove’ read ‘me’!”

Is Macron trying to out-Obama Obama? I dunno, which is better–making the sea levels go down, or turning into a god? Stay turned for additional rare pronouncements.