Little Tin Gods

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Why aren’t we talking about the fact that all these disordered cities, where all these terrible things are happening… are cities run by Democrats? They can’t run Minneapolis, but they want to run the country. The jerks with all this supposed racism in their cities say they can give us a racism-free America.

But this is boilerplate left-wing stupid humanist ideology, the whole idea of toweringly imperfect people creating a perfect society and state: trolls establishing utopia. All the world needs is just a little tweaking–well, all right, maybe a very great deal of extremely violent tweaking–all of it administered by leftists–and it’ll be a paradise!

So… just elect a doddering old crook as president, throw in a passel of race hustlers, some crooked cops to run the FBI, and season it with transgender craziness–and voila! America’s problems are solved! They may have to break a lot more eggs to make the omelet, but with Democrats in charge, it just can’t help but turn out right.

The perfect society and the perfect state cannot be achieved by imperfect human beings. We will not see it until Christ’s throne is established on the earth.

It certainly isn’t going to be achieved by loons and anarchists, rioting and arson, letting all the jailbirds out of jail, and prosecuting normal people for Climate Change Denial and misgendering. Bad people do not make good things. They should’ve taught you that in kindergarten. But they were probably busy teaching that you can be a boy today and a girl tomorrow.

We are in this mess because we as a nation, along with many other nations, have turned our backs on God. Our, ahem, “leaders” want to be our gods. Look at the fun they’ve been having with the COVID quarantine. Imagine if they never had to stop.

The only way out is to repent, seek God, and turn from this madness and run, don’t walk, the other way.


They Shall Be as Gods

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Secular humanist triumphalism is the religion of most of this world’s ruling class: they mean to replace God. They intend to do all the things God should have done, but of course couldn’t do because He doesn’t exist. So runs their thinking.

Among the wonderful things they plan to do is to eradicate all–repeat, all–disease from the earth: Science will enable them to do this, because Science is pretty much all-powerful. You can’t buy God, but you can buy Science. This they have done.

But here’s the problem. Once they’ve got their shingle out, once they’re set up in the god business, it becomes a poor reflection on them if anyone gets sick. With them in charge, that’s not supposed to happen. Hence mandatory vaccinations against every disease known to medicine; and every time a not-terribly-serious disease, like measles, manifests itself… Well, they’ve got a crisis. A chicken pox crisis, say. Requiring prompt and decisive action by the state. A mandatory chicken pox vaccine. Enforced with fines and prison sentences. You get the idea.

Read their writings. A full and meaningful life for all. No more poverty. No more war. No more national borders: the same global state will govern all.

But the more they do, the more people will expect of them. We’ve already seen this. For instance, with real, raw racism abolished in America insofar as humanly possible, imaginary racism has to take its place–as something for the power of the state to be mobilized against, to feed on, and to grow.

Because everything they do has only one purpose: to expand the reach and power of the state, with themselves in charge of it. It may seem absurd to make laws against using the “wrong” pronouns; but it’s also the state claiming power over the very words out of your mouth. More power. Always more power.

God humbled Nebuchadnezzar.

He will humble secular humanism.

I just want to be there when He does!


Just Because You’re a Billionaire Doesn’t Mean You’re Not a Ninny

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Billionaire Elon Musk, taking a few minutes off selling us his self-driving cars, has warned the human race to “merge with machines or become irrelevant” ( ).

Well, dog my cats, some of us are already irrelevant, have been for a long time, and it doesn’t seem to have done us any harm.

Prattling on about “the need for humans to evolve”–into what? mud puppies?–Musk warns that Artificial Intelligence is already way smarter than people and will likely replace us altogether unless we can find some way to turn ourselves into cyborgs or something. And then we’ll be as smart as AI and, well–be sort of gods, don’t you know. Just like the Serpent in the Garden promised. (Genesis 3:5)

Actually, I’m much more worried about self-driving cars that will take you someplace where you don’t want to go and you won’t be able to stop ’em.

Piffle Alert! The ‘Lunar Temple’

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It was for just such notions as this that such expressions as B.S., codswallop, crapola, and blather were invented.

The European Space Agency has revealed plans to build a “lunar temple” or “dome of contemplation”–barf bag, please–on the moon, as part of a lunar colony ( ).

Listen to this from the ESA grand poobah, who says the lunar colony will be “a fresh start, a place where there are no social conventions, no nations and no religion, somewhere where those concepts will need to be rethought from scratch.” Rethought by idiots. I marvel he didn’t ask us to imagine no possessions, while he was at it.

So… they’re gonna have a temple, but no religion. They’re even paying an in-house artist to design it. But a temple with no religion–how long do you suppose it’ll take for that vacuum to be filled by something rather nasty? I mean, do these turkeys ever think things through?

Yowsah, yowsah, folks! We’re gonna leave our Original Sin behind on earth, and live in outer space and be as gods!

Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.  Psalm 127:1.