‘Systemic Racism’ Found–on Mars!

ESA - Mars landscape

NASA has discovered “irrefutable evidence” of “systemic racism” on Mars–and “It’s right there for everyone to see,” says Project Director Dr. I.C. Catpee (http://stupid.com).

“It’s all there in the stones and in the dirt,” Dr. Catpee continued. “See those shadows? You only get shadows like that when there’s systemic racism around–just like on earth!”

Mars, he said, “made the mistake of not having an all-powerful central government to address the problem, and so it just festered and festered for millions of years.” He did admit that the fact that the planet had no life-forms on it inhibited the creation of a central government. “But where there’s a will there’s a way!”

Systemic racism can be found “literally anywhere you look!” he said. “Don’t let what happened to Mars happen to earth! End systemic racism now, or it will end all life on earth… although of course women and minorities will be hardest hit.”

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  1. You can see the mineral privilege in all those rocks lined up in hate against … whatever.

    1. Some ideas are so obvious that they just naturally occur to several people at once, without any need for consultation.

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