Nooze Media: Least Trusted

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Your… er… hit parade

(Thanks to Susan for the tip)

I want to get out there with my cigar and crossword puzzle magazine before it starts raining, but I thought I’d better report this first.

A new Gallup poll, The National Review Reports, shows “Every single group or individual listed in the poll had a higher approval than disapproval rating, save one: the news media” ( The numbers: 55% disapproval, 44% approval. We are at liberty to be astonished that the noozies managed to score as high as 44%. Rather like a tapeworm scoring 440 on the SATs.

By comparison, President Donald Trump scored 60% approval vs. 38% disapproval (at Gallup headquarters there is wailing and gnashing of teeth). Hospitals had 88% approval. Even Congress, poor wretches that they be, managed 59%.

Only the nooze media flunked. Imagine finishing behind a Congress that has Nancy Pelosi in it. They need to find another line of work. Swabbing out latrines, maybe.

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  1. Years ago, a book was written by the name of Entertaining Ourselves To Death. It was about television, and quite well reflects my concerns about the medium. The author made one statement which I feel very well sums up the problem with TV news. He stated that everything on television is entertainment. He hit it squarely on the head. Even when they are reporting a tragic event, the material is presented as entertainment, seeking to dramatize, rather than merely convey information. At this point, dignity and responsibility has been eroded, at the cost of sensation. They are entertaining their viewers to death.

    1. A moment of illumination came my way when I was watching a TV documentary on the hardships imposed on Pacific islanders by our country’s nuclear testing–interrupted every 15 minutes by upbeat whoop-dee-doo commercials for potato chips. It occurred to me: “Who thinks that way? Uh, crazy people. That’s how crazy people think.”

    2. Broadcast television, with its non-sequiter commercials and rapid jumps in subject matter is a study in distraction. Distraction is a primary tool in manipulating others and is used to great effect by illusionists and hypnotists. TV is bad for one’s powers of concentration.

  2. That’s one poll that sounds accurate. Outside of the two conservative cable news channels we watch (OAN & NewsMax) and four or five select shows on Fox, we get our news from conservative websites, conservative radio talk shows, and conservative podcasts. The MSM does not exist in our daily reality – why spend time listening to the devil’s workers?

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