‘Centaur Sighting: Bunion, NJ’ (2017)

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It was three years ago that a centaur snatched a woman’s purse on the outskirts of Bunion, New Jersey.

Centaur Sighting: Bunion, NJ

They still haven’t solved the crime, although they did arrest a centaur last week for not wearing a face mask.

People are now afraid to take shortcuts through the woods around Bunion.

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  1. Independence Day. I wonder if that name means anything to the population these days? Is it just another day to act stupid, party down and forget what this day once meant?

    1. I fear you are right. There are a lot of happy go lucky fools out there whom take for granted all we have. We are never more than one generation away from tyranny.

  2. Fort Smith has banned centaurs but I don’t know why. On “Watters World” last night Jesse went out asking young people simple questions about American history. The respondents were unbelievably ignorant. Who did America fight against to gain independence? Answer: Virginia. In what year was Independence declared? Answer: 1984 … no, 1884, etc., etc., etc.

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