Goodbye, Adulthood

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A liberal once said to me that socialism is good and necessary because “the government will take better care of you.” So much for adulthood.

God gave us families, the Church, voluntary associations, friends, and our own two hands and our own brains to take care of us. We don’t want The Government to take care of us. We are not infants. If they feed you, clothe you, and put a roof over your head, they can certainly tell you what to do and what to think and punish you if you don’t.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! If it saves one life…. Honk if you’ve heard that one before.

If it saves one life, Walter Williams said recently, then the government should reduce the speed limit to 5 mph. That would save thousands of lives! Unless it drove people to murder or suicide.

Let’s all wear face masks all the time! if it saves one life. Let’s ban all products that could possibly harm you–if it saves one life. Let’s put the government in charge of making all the people happy! Which will only make them all miserable; but if it saves one life, we’ve gotta do it.

Yeahbut! The Democrats will give us free stuff! All kinds of free stuff!

Is this not shameful? Do you want to be a baby or a toddler all your life? Aren’t you ashamed for living off the work of other people? It’s theft if you do it with a Saturday night special. If the government does it with an army that’ll kill anyone who resists, it’s just “fair redistribution.”

Grow up, America.

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  1. The “If it saves one life” mentality long ago came from the “If it saves one bruise” mentality that prevents a kid from learning not to do it again when he does get a minor bruise, or falls down because he was careless, and both took away a child’s joy of free play. Playground slides went from long, metal ones that gave a kid the exhilaration of sliding down a good distance, to short plastic stop and goes. Children can’t ride their bikes without suiting up like the Terminator that removes the pleasure of using their arms and legs to peddle with the wind in their face. No more sandboxes to express their creativity. No more childhood while the left continues to relive their own.

    1. Would you believe there’s a whole subculture out there, of adults who wish to be treated as babies–diapers and all? Yeesh!

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