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I had to run off to the eye doctor this morning to try to get a sample bottle of my eye drops, which would otherwise cost me several hundred dollars at Walmart. I mean, they give them out when they have them, so it’s not so unusual for patients to enjoy this benefit. Happily, they had some to spare today.

So I’m off to a late start blogging, and as has been the rule for all July so far, the views and comments are down [note to Byron: Weren’t you going to fix this?], and the nooze is just so awful, I shrink from covering it. I’m already wondering if I’ve written too much about the nooze and chased people away because enough already.

It looks like rain, but until that’s a fait accompli (or a fait worse than death), I want to sit outside and work on my new book. I’m still using Behold! as a working title, although I’m not wild about it. If there are any really deep Bell Mountain fans out there and you want to suggest a title–well, I’m writing the book, but I know only a little more about it than you do. Titles was always my weak suit as a horror novelist, all those many years ago. I’ve done much better with my Bell Mountain series, but this time I think I need more inspiration. Or at least some helpful hints from the fans in the stands.

And look at that–another 15 minutes spent.

I have to work just as hard to have a bad day with the blog as a good. Shouldn’t the government, like, help me with that? Shouldn’t they redistribute blog views so everybody gets the same?

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  1. Awww, what a cute little lizard! What’s his/her/its/xir name? Maybe xe can help you come up with a title for the book, or help Byron get some views and comments going. 🙂

    1. I forgot that you don’t like lizards. But look at the adorable little smile on this one. (Yeah, right, as though I’d be won over by being told that a cockroach had cute antennae. Blech.)

      As for me, I’ve always said of animals that “Up to four legs, it’s my friend. Any more than that and we part company.”

    2. How could you not like a little painted turtle who stretches out his neck so you can pet his head and chin.

    3. I think it’s a gecko, but what kind of gecko stumps me: there are a lot of them. I have heard his name is Crawford.

  2. When I was stationed in the Philippines, we kept trying to capture geckos to keep in our BOQ (bachelor officers’ quarters) rooms so they could eat the cockroaches. But the geckos didn’t like the BOQ because of the air conditioning. (The cockroaches thought the air conditioning was just fine.)

    I usually react to cockroaches the way Lydia reacts to lizards and turtles. But I started getting used to the smaller ones in the Philippines after a while, and some of them were even kind of attractive once I could ignore the yucky legs and antennae — a kind of reddish chevron on a greyish background. I’d never seen anything like that before and haven’t seen anything like it since.

    I never got used to the big ones, especially the flying ones. Yuk.

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