‘Going Godless All the Way’ (2017)

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I get edgy whenever I hear anyone speak of “our entertainment needs.” Stories around the campfire are one thing. Lavishly-produced celebrations of atheism are another.

Going Godless All the Way

I enjoy Primeval because Tim Haines’ special effects are the closest I’ll ever come to seeing live prehistoric animals. (How could he have left out Uintatherium? They always leave out Uintatherium!) But the price of admission is to let the screenwriters write out God.

We have to start winning back cultural ground for Christ’s Kingdom. We’ve let it go for too long.



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  1. Jerry Falwell, Jr. says Liberty University has over 100,000 people taking their courses on computers, plus a full on campus attendance of full-time students. That is a lot of Christian worldview culture taking place.

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