Is This for Real?

Just as we were about to go to bed last night, my wife discovered “news” that the government’s going to admit UFOs are real and there’s a guy studying materials and artifacts from “off-world craft” that were “not made here” on earth. And there was Tucker Carlson discussing it on video with “a former defense official.”

I knew there had to be something we could do to make 2020 even crazier than it already is.

Let’s see… attempted coup against the president, capped by bogus bull-schiff “impeachment”… pandemic, courtesy of Red China… non-stop riots, all white people are guilty of something, anything, everything…

Yeah–UFOs are real! That ought to do it. Here come the Space Brothers! They’ll teach us how to set up a real socialist utopia that really works, with a lot of kinky new perversions to go with it.

There is no life in the solar system except here on earth, and everywhere else in the universe is just too far away. And to go to all the trouble of getting here across several light-years of deep space, just to flit around the sky and titillate people, seems extravagantly wasteful. If the aliens were that silly, they couldn’t have invented flying saucers in the first place.

It could be a hoax. It could be a distraction. It could be an experiment. In fact, it could be all three at once.

Or it might just go away before the week is out. A lot of Big nooze stories do.

4 comments on “Is This for Real?

  1. And these “scientists” go before the camera and speak with such bravado and authority, they think they can convince everybody that they are the ones who really know stuff.

  2. The problems inherent with interstellar transport, not to mention intergalactic transport, are beyond anything mankind has ever even approached solving. Our most distant space probes are barely out of the solar system, 43 years after having been launched. If there are extra-terrestrial civilizations, they are doing a wondrous job of keeping their radio emissions from reaching earth. Before anyone jumps in to say that maybe they don’t use, or need, radio, keep in mind that just about anything with electricity running through it emits electromagnetic radiation. If you placed my Macintosh out in space, it would be a radio source, even with the WiFi turned off.

  3. Well that will certainly capture people’s short attention spans on more important matters. I don’t recall reading in the Bible about extraterrestrials coming to Earth in spaceships – i’ll have to check it again. If not, then there just aren’t any and people are just distracting our ignorance which is as great as the money they’re making.

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