‘Morning Has Broken’

This was the first hymn that popped into my head this morning, so I’m going with it–Morning Has Broken, sung by Orla Fallon.

God didn’t just create the first morning of the first day.

He re-creates it every day.

3 comments on “‘Morning Has Broken’

  1. Forty-three years ago my husband and I walked out of our nuptials to this song. I remains a favorite.

    I have a question the publisher for your books. I have written an upper MG Christian series and self-published because it is so hard to get published in such a small market. Does Stonehouse publish previously published books?

    1. That I don’t know. It’s new, it’s small, and so far they’ve only published me.
      Let me think about whom to ask, ’cause I’m not sure.

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