Beautiful Bonus Hymn, ‘Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus’

We have to thank Joshua for requesting this–Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, sung by Audrey Assad and Fernando Ortega. Another lovely hymn, Morning Has Broken, also goes with this melody.

I’ve been scanning and listening to nooze this morning, lacerating my soul. But this hymn shares the good news that heals the soul.

‘Morning Has Broken’

This was the first hymn that popped into my head this morning, so I’m going with it–Morning Has Broken, sung by Orla Fallon.

God didn’t just create the first morning of the first day.

He re-creates it every day.

‘Morning Has Broken’

I only learned recently that this was originally a hymn, not a pop song, so hear we have it as a hymn. Morning Has Broken, sung by the Libera boys’ choir.

‘Morning Has Broken’

I never knew this was a hymn, way back when Cat Stevens was singing it as a hit song and you heard it on the radio. But then I heard it sung as a hymn on a “Father Brown” episode, of all places–and here it is for you: Morning Has Broken, sung by Orla Fallon. And it’s fitting that the sight of God’s handiwork should move us to grateful prayer.

‘Morning Has Broken’

I never knew, until recently, that Morning Has Broken is a hymn–and quite a lovely hymn, at that. Here it’s sung by Orla Fallon. Don’t be surprised if it sticks with you all day.

‘Morning Has Broken’

You may remember this as a Cat Stevens hit from way back; but actually, and before Cat Stevens ever came along, it’s a hymn likening each day God ordains to the very first day He Created. Morning Has Broken, sung by Orla Fallon: suggested by Susan. Thank you, Susan–I love this hymn.

‘Child in the Manger’

You might remember this carol in another guise: Cat Stevens singing Morning Has Broken, back in the 1970s.

But these Christmas lyrics were originally in Gaelic, published in Scotland in the 19th century and later translated into English, and the melody is traditional Irish.  It was adapted for the original Morning Has Broken in 1931–so what we were hearing forty-some years ago was already forty years old and then some.