Memory Lane: ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’

I was surprised yesterday when one of my friends said she’d never heard this song, nor heard of it. Written back in 1928, Big Rock Candy Mountain was a hit song when I was a little boy. The great Burl Ives made it a hit. It was on one of those childrens’ record albums that my mother had for us, and I’ve seen it published in any number of folk songbooks.

True, some of it sounds a lot like Democrat campaign promises. Try to ignore that. And enjoy how beautifully Burl Ives hits the high note.

7 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’

  1. I haven’t heard this in ages! And I love the way Burl Ives sings it.

    It would be politically incorrect, though, to sing it today. “Bum”? Surely he means “homeless person.” And cigarette trees? Cigarettes? Tsk tsk. 🙂

  2. My parents had records with Burl Ives version of this great song. How many songs being popular today will still be enjoyed decades from now? Not many – so sad. I don’t even enjoy most of them now 🙂

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