‘Whiny Students Demand Warning Labels on Literary Classics’ (2015)

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Yeah, they can’t stand violence.

How did we ever reach this cultural nadir?

Whiny Students Demand Warning Labels on Literary Classics

One thing we do know: we never would’ve got there without our colleges and universities.  More than any other factor, our country’s “education” system–the costliest in world history–has flooded the land with babbling idiots.

In 2015 they wanted warning labels on classic works of literature. We see what they do when they’re turned loose in the street–and they want us to believe they’ll keel right over if they’re exposed to “violence” in The Great Gatsby?

We have a fighting chance to save our civilization–if we defund the colleges and universities, and break the teachers’ unions.

8 comments on “‘Whiny Students Demand Warning Labels on Literary Classics’ (2015)

  1. The institutions of US we’re hijacked long ago. It’s been a long game to knock the free ways on it’s rear end. Too bad brainwashing and is real and alters most easily impressionable youths thought processes indefinitely.

    1. Geez! Better late than never, I suppose. A snap (?) back to reality Glad you’re here hoping/helping others to see insanity & doing all that you are.

  2. If they can’t understand great literature, they won’t understand our warning labels:
    WARNING: If you read this warning, you will be tested. If you fail the rest, you will be removed from school. If you are removed from school, you will have to get a job. If you already have a “job,” you will be fired and have to work ,and we will label that too.

  3. This is ridiculous – our entertainment is based on violence. Have you ever seen “Walking Dead.” or even a “Law and Order” episode? These young people are so immature. Yesterday where I buy groceries I engaged the cashier who had just graduated from college and had returned from a vacation in Florida. I like Florida so I asked if she was on the Gulf of Mexico side or the Atlantic Ocean side and she didn’t know – unbelievable.

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