‘This Is a Truly Stupid Idea: Free College’ (2016)

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Now that Doddering Joe has chosen his running mate, Whatsername, expect to see this inanity dragged out of the mothballs for another go-round.


What are we supposed to do with a couple million numbskulls with degrees in Gender Studies and Intersectional Political Ecology of Superheroes? And Democrats want to make more of them–lots more.

There is no room for doubt: their goal is to wreck the country.

5 comments on “‘This Is a Truly Stupid Idea: Free College’ (2016)

    1. And it isn’t even free, because you wind up paying for it in taxes and/or premiums and/or prices for products.

  1. Wow, the Blog page has been updated – so far so good. Stop the student loan programs and watch young people go out and find jobs. The ones who really desired to be educated for a career will find a way to pay their own way.

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