if Yiu Seen It, Yiu Done It!!!!!

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Wow,, has thay “got” a Grate Idear “at” Saraccuse Yoonavercitty!!! We hadded a spatial meating “of” “the” Stoodint Soviet so we cood Do “this” heer At our Collidge!!!!!

Frumb nhow On “at” Sariccuse yiu are Gillty! iff yiu Sea Or Heer a Act “Of” Haite jist as iff yiu done “it” yore Self!!!!!!!!! Yes, frumb nhow on Bye-Standerds “and” Whitnisses thay whil Be Gillty tooo!!!! See this heer Linck iff yiu “think” I amb maiking It Up!! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=15427) Thay “are” eevin goingto Putt New Sir Vallints in the doorms and al arowned so thay “Can Sea” wen thare “is” A Act Of Hait and thare was Other Peeple arowned whoo has “to” Be Punitshed tooo!!!

The buty “Of” it “is” that nhow Evvry Boddy thay are Gillty al The Time!!!!! How Grate is that?? I meen thay doughnt Say hoaw Close yiu has got to Be “to” “the” Act Of Hait wen “it” hapens and thay doughnt Tell yiu watt Is a Act Of Hait “and” watt Isnt,,, but We al know, doughnt we??? Like, Is this Jeaniess or watt???? We cant harrdly weight to Starrt Punitshing evvry boddy!!!!

Thiss it “is” Garrinteeed to Maik Americka a jenuwine Socile Juststus Coontry ful of Dyvercity and Free Stuph!!! Awl we has got to Do nhow is figgre Out “haow” we “are” goingto Punitsh peeple!! Thare “are” so menny scairy Punitshmints,, “Its” harrd to deside witch One!!!!!!! Tye themb to a Chare “and” shuv themb Unnder Waughter,, I say!!!


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  1. Hmmm … if witnessing or even hearing an act of hate makes a person guilty, then everyone watching the surveillance tapes, as well as the whole tribunal judging them, will be guilty, too, and the tribunal members will have to condemn and punish themselves. Then everyone will wind up expelled and the university will be no more. And good riddance to bad rubbish.

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