Bonus Video: ‘The Rifleman’

This always cheers me up–genuine 2nd Amendment TV, vintage 1958: The Rifleman, starring Chuck Connors. Liberals really hate this! Like, imagine this guy showing up at some college campus. Run for the Play-Doh!

See if you can count the shots.

13 comments on “Bonus Video: ‘The Rifleman’

  1. 13! People forget that the West was fairly wild, not that long ago. There were plenty of places beyond the reach of the law. There were people that sought to take undo advantage of that situation and I would imagine that the circumstances of that reality would have many of the current snowflake generation cowering behind massive piles of Pla-Doh, sipping hot cocoa and singing John Lennon songs in quavering voices 🙂

    1. Well, “Imagine” is known to have great powers. “Give Peace a Chance” is solely responsible for the end of the Vietnam War. It’s even better if you hold a press event and speak from bed, like Lennon did. 🙂

  2. I love the Rifleman show. I watch at least one a day, and sometimes four!

    And I did count the shots. There are 12 (or 13) within 5 seconds!

    Mostly, I love the relationship between Lucas McCain and his son. If all (or even most) father-son relationships were like that, families wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in.

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