‘Regeneration, Not Revolution’

Martin Selbrede | heroinamerica

If the problem is the human heart, all the tweaking of the “system” won’t solve any of its problems. They can only be solved if people change. Not the “system.” The people.


You’d think that would be simple enough to understand; but it’s overlaid by many centuries’ worth of serious-sounding blah-blah–unpacked by Martin Selbrede in his essay for The Chalcedon Report. There’s a lot he has to unpack, but stay with it: there is wisdom here.

The whole conception is wrong, Martin explains, because it arises from the notion that “Evil is external to us, but intrinsic to the world.” This lets man off the hook and allows him to say he’s a victim, not a perpetrator.

A bad diagnosis can only lead to a bad cure. In this fallen world, the cure most often served up to us is revolution. Burn it all down! And what we build on the rubble will be paradise!

A quote to take away: “Revolutions merely shuffle the deck using the same cards.”

That’s why they always lead to mass graves and barbed wire.

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  1. The French revolution – Robespierre? The American revolution – 200 years of freedom? A second American revolution – well, maybe “mass graves and barbed wire” this time…

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