How Much Protection is Too Much?

Ebola Outbreak: Do Hazmat Suits Protect Workers, or Just Scare Everyone? |  Live Science

When are Democrat mayors and governors going to go back to letting people live like human beings? Well, never, if they can help it. They’ll have us in face masks forever, if they can.

But here we see, in the Chinese Commie Virus pandemic, a textbook example of weird statist ideology: the notion that the government should, and can, protect you from everything.

From fear, from disappointment, from hunger and thirst; from heat, from cold, from pain; from harsh language, offensive language, and hard-to-pronounce language; from death, from illness, from injury…

And once they set their minds on doing that, they’re guaranteed to fail.

Against COVID-19 they came up with the unprecedented response of shutting down the national economy and throwing millions of us out of work. Thousands of small businesses perished in The Great Quarantine.

Now, either this response was justified by COVID-19 being a uniquely deadly and dangerous disease, or not. We know now that it is not uniquely deadly and dangerous, that there are many germs and viruses far more harmful than COVID-19: so the response is not justified. Because, if it is, we would have to have the same kind of response to any number of diseases. Clearly, that way madness lies.

Or we could live our lives in hazmat suits, costing around a thousand bucks a pop. Only to be taken off with the permission of the governor!

Or we could just keep masking and social distancing ourselves until people just can’t take it anymore and the whole thing blows sky-high.

This all started with chuck-full-of-error computer models that told us 2 million Americans were gonna die. After they found out that the models were pure crapola, did they call off the quarantine? Heck, no! They were having too much fun!

We were wrong to give them so much power. And we’d be even more wrong to let them keep it.

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  1. Too much “protection” that violates our Constitutional rights. By citing those rights ad nauseum until everybody gets it.

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