They’ll Crack Down on… Weddings?

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Have we learned our lesson yet–not to elect babbling little tin-pot tyrants who make our lives difficult?

Like, for instance, New York Gov. Andrew “America was never that great” Cuomo… who has pledged a crackdown on [trumpet fanfare, please] weddings (

Having heard the distressing news that on a single night this week in New York City, three–count ’em! three!–Hasidic Jewish weddings were celebrated and Mayor Bill “Sandinista” DeBlasio didn’t stop it, well, he would! He’s the governor. Who do these people think they are, getting married?

Cuomo said authorities need to act if they hear of “plans of weddings that would violate the law–”

Law? Did someone debate, vote on, and enact a law when we weren’t looking?

Whether it’s dopey young men in a crowded bar, Cuomo said, “or religious people at a wedding… It’s ignorant, it’s disrespectful and it violates the law.” This from the jidrool whose government empties the prisons and releases violent criminals 15 minutes after arresting them. After all, it’s only armed robbery or aggravated assault. It’s not a wedding!

You said it, boyo! We all know by now that the COVID-19 virus will pounce on people who gather for any purpose other than Mostly Peaceful Protest and make them all sick–maybe even sicker than you make them! The virus will strictly leave you alone if you’re out there in a mob protesting Systemic Racism. But if you’re gathered for a wedding, it’ll eat you alive. You can only get together for a riot. The virus will leave you alone if you’re rioting.

Governed by Democrats… what have we done to deserve it?

5 comments on “They’ll Crack Down on… Weddings?

  1. On one hand, this kind of news makes me incensed. On the other, it’s hard to get upset when the people of NY keep electing people like this. Last time I checked Cuomo’s approval ratings were shockingly high.

    p.s. We dodged a bullet here in southeast Texas from Hurricane Laura. There was no rain, no damage, no nothing. Louisiana wasn’t as fortunate.

    1. There’s a lot to what you say. Why do some of these tinpots keep winning elections? There are some frightening characters in the political arena, but they are a reflection of the electorate.

    2. There’s an old saying, the people get the kind of government it deserves. There’s a lot of truth to that.

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