‘So There Never Was an Israel?’ (2016)

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After you’ve heard enough college professors preach that there’s no such thing as objective truth, maybe you come to believe it. And you can deny that the kingdom of Israel ever existed.

So There Never Was an Israel?

It used to be only crazy people denied plainly observable facts. Many countries in the Ancient Near East had dealings with Israel and Judah, and records of those dealings have survived. The existence of Israel is beyond dispute.

But now it’s not just lunatics who deny what’s right in front of them.

Of the Devil, Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “The truth is not in him.” Seems like the devil’s got a bumper crop of fans, these days.

We pray for an end to this evil age.


7 comments on “‘So There Never Was an Israel?’ (2016)

  1. It seems that the devil knows his days are numbered, but he has kept that fact hidden from people so that he can make hay while the sun shines.

    1. Wishful thinking. (Oops, I almost forgot that I’m a retired professor myself. But I wouldn’t be able to teach at my old university these days — or even survive physically.)

    2. LOL – sorry. But since you retired, there are no professors left. But it’s too bad as your intelligence would certainly produce some intelligent students of which there are so few these days. Ignorance seems to perpetuate itself.

  2. In 2015 I took a college class in the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible). The female teacher, who also was a pastor of a church, taught us there is no evidence that David and Solomon ever existed, let alone the exile into Egypt. She also said she couldn’t believe in a God that would have Joshua and his army annihilate the Canaanite tribes. Oh yeah, and there is no hell because that would mean God is mean.

    1. Guess she never heard of the Moabite Stone.
      Why do minimalists bother to teach “religion,” when they don’t have any?

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