‘In the Year 2030…’ (2016) [with prayer request]

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This essay was posted just as *Batteries Not Included’s second term was winding down and an even worse monster was expected by all prognosticators to replace him.

In the Year 2030…

It gives me pleasure to recall that I was predicting, in June of that year, and in print for everyone to see, that Donald Trump would be our next president. But really, those eight Obama years were a downer for normal people and it was easy to get depressed.

We pray the Lord our God will again intervene to save this country: not for our sake, because we are sinners and have not yet come to terms with that, but for His own great name’s sake: so that all the world can see, Lord, what you do, and that the world might know that you are God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

5 comments on “‘In the Year 2030…’ (2016) [with prayer request]

  1. Amen. I pray that out of all this chaos and negativity, the Lord will be glorified in ways we can not yet
    imagine. He deserves all the glory. Without HIM, we are nothing.

  2. You only thought you were joking about the Washington Monument being torn down. Now the mayor and city council of D.C. are demanding that it be done.

    I pray for our Nation every day. Desperately.

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