‘How Much Do They Want from Us?’ (2014)

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Six years later, with yet another Far Left vampire running for president (and the nooze media all assuring us he’s gonna win, might as well get with the program, blah-blah), we are still asking, “How much do they want from us? At what point will they have acquired enough power over us, enough control, to satisfy them?”

How Much Do They Want from Us?

I no longer believe that point can ever be reached. There is no point where liberals say, “Thanks, but I don’t want any more control over other people’s lives.” They never have enough. Even now, “Hidin’ with Biden” has promised to impose a coast-to-coast face mask Mandate on us all; and his handlers have promised us a Green New Deal.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote against freedom.

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  1. Throughout history, there have been examples of political movements that seek to dominate the lives of their citizens. It’s a common madness and the Dems seem to have caught a serious case of it.

  2. They whine like babies, stamp their feet and scream, tear things up like small, unruly kids and why would anyone want to join such a group. It apparently has not occurred to any of them that learning, and attempting self control at least makes them appear grown up. Good luck with that.

  3. The whole point of “progressivism” is that nothing is ever completed. Everything must always progress. So progressives, like sharks, must continue in motion or die. Also, since their impulse is to change everything, they must necessarily destroy what exists in order to substitute what is to be. The destruction, then, starts as method and soon becomes purpose, something that must always continue because … well, because progress means change and change means destruction and progress must never end so change must never end … and so it goes.

    Besides, the Devil (being “a liar and a murderer from the beginning,” as Our Lord has said) can only destroy, not create, and he must wait for creation in order to have something to destroy, which makes him insane with envy of those who create things because they can do something he can’t.

  4. As Rush Limbaugh has been reminding his listeners, if Biden wins and the Dems keep the House, America will become a one Party country from now on. They will make D.C, & Puerto Rico States so they can get four more Senators, plus fill the judicial system with lefty judges who legislate from the bench, let alone increasing the number of judges on the Supreme Court. Dear Jesus, save us from the Democrats.

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