Nashville Bigwigs Cover Up Low COVID-19 Count

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Aw, let’s do some nooze. It’s all bad, of course. Which particular scrap of badness? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

Leaked emails between the mayor of Nashville, TN, and his city health department feature their discussions on how to cover up the low number of COVID-19 cases stemming from bars and restaurants (

Assuring one another that the information was “not for public consumption,” they went on to discuss how to keep the public from finding out how little risk there seemed to be of catching the virus in a bar or restaurant.

You’d think that’d be good news, wouldn’t you? Aha! You’re not thinking like a politician.

See, if the public were ever to find out that you closed down all those businesses, some of them forever, and shoved all those thousands of people out of work on the basis of data that was totally ca-ca for starters, and discredited when the actual numbers became available… Well, folks might just get a little ticked off about that. Best to make sure they never know.

Memo to leaders: No, we do not trust you! What were we thinking when we elected you?

5 comments on “Nashville Bigwigs Cover Up Low COVID-19 Count

  1. cover ups- yeah! If they would cover up what should be covered up, like overly exposed bodies, and
    publish what should not be covered up, it would turn life around.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me — disgusts me, but doesn’t surprise me. And I’ll bet they’re not going to make any correction even now that they’ve been found out. They’ll find some other fake excuse instead. Besides, all the people who’ve let themselves be scared won’t want to admit they’ve been made fools of, so they’ll go along with the new fakery.

  3. How about the peace treaty between Israel and UAE & Bahrain? If that isn’t good news I don’t know what is. What about Trump’s strong showing with the Latinos in Florida (and the whole country for that matter)? What about the boat and car parades for Trump, and the turnout for his rallies, and how people line the streets wherever he goes? Man, good things are happening.

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