‘Social Justice’ Degrades Us

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R.J. Rushdoony was writing about “social justice” decades ago, before most of us had ever heard of it. Here’s one of his essays on the subject, recently re-published. You’ll find it hasn’t aged a bit.


Simply speaking, Rushdoony explained that “social justice” differs from God’s justice because it’s made up by self-anointed intellectuals. It is whatever they say it is, from day to day. It could hardly have helped falling into the arms of postmodernism, which spurns day-to-day reality and goes so far as to say everything is just made up.

But because it’s the product of humanist fat-heads, “social justice” can never be true justice. Only God’s justice can be that. Only God’s law is immutable. Intellectuals’ laws are subject to sudden change. That’s what makes them so hard to live with.

Humanism has a lot to answer for.

3 comments on “‘Social Justice’ Degrades Us

  1. The whole point of everything that has happened since the Fall, is that mankind cannot decide for itself, the knowledge of good and bad. That’s it, in a nut shell. I would like to think of myself as intelligent enough and compassionate enough to work what is good towards others and to do so as a leader, but I know that there is no way in which I could ever solve our social problems. It’s great to say that this or that policy would help, but as we can observe, a lot of very smart people are coming up with solutions, and all of them have unintended negative consequences. Only God’s Kingdom, with Christ as King can bring about social justice.

  2. Yes, R.J. Rushdoony was a prophet. This picture of him holding a cane is late in his life (he died in his early 80’s) and quite different from his life when a youth. He played football for the university of California. He led the battle to legalize home-schooling in every state of the Union!! We owe so much to him. What an example he has left us to follow, like the Apostle Paul did for those of his day.

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