‘Social Justice’ Degrades Us

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R.J. Rushdoony was writing about “social justice” decades ago, before most of us had ever heard of it. Here’s one of his essays on the subject, recently re-published. You’ll find it hasn’t aged a bit.


Simply speaking, Rushdoony explained that “social justice” differs from God’s justice because it’s made up by self-anointed intellectuals. It is whatever they say it is, from day to day. It could hardly have helped falling into the arms of postmodernism, which spurns day-to-day reality and goes so far as to say everything is just made up.

But because it’s the product of humanist fat-heads, “social justice” can never be true justice. Only God’s justice can be that. Only God’s law is immutable. Intellectuals’ laws are subject to sudden change. That’s what makes them so hard to live with.

Humanism has a lot to answer for.

What We’re Up Against

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All Christians ought to read Humanist Manifesto II (https://americanhumanist.org/what-is-humanism/manifesto2/), to see what we’re up against.

True, every pack of douchebags has a “manifesto,” starting with the the Communist Manifesto itself. But that’s no reason not to take it seriously. These are dangerous douchebags, with academic creds galore and all kinds of prestige. They and their kind have soaked into the institutions of Western civilization and corrupted it. So read what they have to say for themselves.

Here’s their sales pitch. You give up God, because He isn’t real, and all that “unproved and outmoded” religion stuff like forgiveness of sins, redemption, the hope of eternal life, the hope of justice and the hope of mercy–you give that up, see, and transfer your hope and trust and allegiance to us, The Smartest People in the World.

In return, we’ll give you goodies like you won’t believe! “Using technology wisely,” because Science, don’t you know, has all the answers, we’re gonna end war, end poverty, wipe out disease, drastically increase the human life-span, provide everyone with fantastic jobs that they really like, and even “direct the course of human evolution”–I mean, how cool is that? Just give us the power, give us the money, and we will do all these things that God shoulda done but He didn’t because there is no God, etc.

That’s the deal. Like, really–a baby in a manger? You gotta be kiddin’! Prayers? Oh, come on!

But we know what we wind up with when we turn away from Jesus Christ, our only Savior and our rightful King. We’ve seen them break their eggs to make their omelets: only the omelet never gets made, and the landscape is littered with gulags and mass graves and prisons.

They ask us to worship them as gods, claiming to be able to do all the things–eventually, at least, through Science–that God should be able to do. Since Manifesto2 was written, they’ve also cooked up a Climbit Change apocalypse and promised to Save The Planet from it… if we’ll just give them that world government that they’ll need to do the job.

Read history.

What they never fail to give us, these Smartest People in the World, is cruelty, folly, shame, and failure. Those are the gifts of fallen man, cumbered by Original Sin.

All good gifts come from God, and only from Him. The humanists’ “Good without a god” slogan is surely the biggest single line of fat-headedness ever written.

There is no good apart from God. Period.


The Age of Misbelief

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I’m a storyteller. I collect stories by watching movies and TV. Sometimes this is hard on me.

I don’t know whether these TV shows reflect something in Western culture that has really happened, or are just being shaped by somebody’s agenda. But it really does seem, in this vast collection of fiction, that the default position of almost all the characters is ABC–Anything But Christianity. The few Christians who do appear in the screenplays are almost all portrayed as nuts, and the other characters respond to them as they would to a strange animal species inexplicably appearing in their midst.

It is not “unbelief,” because there’s nobody who is without some set of beliefs or other, but rather “misbelief.” They don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in Jesus Christ. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what they believe in. Other times it’s easy: their own smartness, the State, Science, evolution, the coerced perfectibility of  man, or some other inanity.

When I was growing up, virtually everyone I knew was a Christian of some kind. Some polls tell us that most people, at least in America, are still Christians. But the TV shows and movies tell us Christianity is over. Are the producers trying to make it be over by saying it’s over? Say it often enough, and people come to believe it, and it becomes true.

So I don’t know whether it’s true or not. But if it is, how did it happen? This has all been within my own lifetime. People are now proud of things they ought to be ashamed of, love things they should hate, and hate things they should love.

What can we do but proclaim Christ’s Kingdom, God’s sovereign grace and love, and truth as revealed in God’s Word? We can’t make them listen. No one can force anyone else to accept salvation.

O Lord our God, keep us from the evils of this age. We fear the institutional church has lost its power: but who knows if that was not your will, because you have something better in mind for us? Give us wisdom to understand these times, so that we might more wisely serve Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Our King. In Jesus’ name, amen.

When Fools Play God

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What do all of these have in common–safe space, hate speech laws, “affirming” and “celebrating” whatever aberrant “lifestyle” anyone can think of, vaccinating infants for every disease under the sun, and claiming that government action and policies can control the earth’s natural processes and prevent “Climate Change”?

All of these, and more, flow naturally, inevitably, from the cockeyed humanist project to set man up in place of God: and for “man” read “government.”

To out-do God in being God, these people seek to remove any and all challenges from life. Don’t take my word for it: read “the Humanist Manifesto II.” (http://americanhumanist.org/Humanism/Humanist_Manifesto_II) “Using technology wisely,” we can wipe out disease, direct the course of human evolution, end war and poverty, and blah-blah-blah.

They can’t promise eternal life and forgiveness of sins (“Not yet, not yet–but we’re working on it!”), but for the time being they can transform the world into a secular paradise in which nothing bad ever happens–not even bad weather. And if perchance it does, well, it must be somebody’s fault it happened, and the government will soon take care of it.

This from people who would be hard-put to organize a softball tournament.

This is what we get from leaders and wise men who abandon God–now they’re the ones who have to be God! But don’t worry, it’s just bound to work: because they’re so smart, their intentions are so good, and anyhow human beings are naturally good and that will become apparent as soon as our masters engineer all the bugs out of the system. The problem is not original sin, oh, no! It’s just that our environment has been so screwed up by capitalism, racism, sexism, White Privilege, and yes, you bet, by Religion in general and Christianity in particular… and once we get rid of all that stuff, you’ll see heaven on earth.

But they have to prove they can do it–hence all these policies and programs to take all the struggle, all the stress, all the pain, and all the disappointment out of life: because if God were half as smart as they are, He never would’ve created such a defective world.

It started in the Garden of Eden and it’s still going strong today.

And Heaven help us if we’re fool enough to trust these people.


‘The Rape Capitol of Europe’

Warning: The maker of this video has employed a number of cuss words to express his indignation over the self-destructive lunacy practiced by the rulers of his country.

Listen to what this man has to say about Sweden. It’s his home, so he sees it up-close and personal. He is convinced “Sweden is the most self-loathing country on earth.”

But you could easily replace “Sweden” and dub in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or France, and everything else could stay the way it is. Self-destructive multicultural insanity is happening everywhere throughout the Western world.

The narrator is wrong, of course, when he pledges his own allegiance to “values” that include secularism and humanism. You won’t beat hyperventilating Islam with secularism and humanism. The reason our Western countries are going round and round down the drain today is because their people turned away from God and put their trust in secularism and humanism.

Islam, along with secular humanism, is a scourge raised up by God to chastise us for our ingratitude, our pride, our sloth, our lard-brained tomfoolery.

Doubt it? Read the Book of Jeremiah. Read it very carefully. Give it your undivided attention.

If God was willing to burn Jerusalem and tear down the Temple, what will He be willing to do to us–the countries that once were Christendom, who have committed all the sins of Israel and Judah and gone on to make up some really far-out sins of our own?

Look at the leaders He has given Sweden. Then look at the leaders He has given us.

‘97% of Scientists Say…’

I had a hard time at the YMCA yesterday: a debate, as it were, on the subject of Global Warming, featuring me vs. everybody else in the locker room.

If I heard it once yesterday, I heard it 50 times: “But 97% of scientists believe in Global Warming!” That makes it true, of course.

You can’t get through. The 97% is carved in stone. You can poke holes in it till you’re blue in the face, and nothing happens. What about the hundreds of scientists who don’t believe in Global Warming, and have said so publicly? Did they ask all scientists, or just the ones who’d be sure to give them the answer that they wanted? And who, by the way, did the asking? And how did they decide who is a “scientist”?

All my opponents need to know is “Science says.” That makes it infallible. That the scientists themselves are all fallible human beings, born into sin, and that their science is strained through a filter of incomplete and often inaccurate information, wishful thinking, prejudice, fear, and desire for advancement is completely irrelevant to them. You just can’t get through.

Is this not idolatry? Science is the work of human minds, and human hands. To worship it is to worship human beings. And we laugh at the ancient Egyptians for worshiping animals.

And they try to convince us that humanism is not a religion.

Would You Like Some Melted Plastic on That Burned Burrito?

Public education–hot diggity-dog! When they’re not busy teaching your kids that “You can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel,” they’re either trying to poison the kiddies or put them off eating altogether–at the behest of our all-wise, all-knowing federal government, of course.

The Phillipi Middle School in Philippi, West Virginia, hit a new low recently, serving up burned-black burritos in melted plastic sauce ( http://eagnews.org/photo-school-serves-burned-burritos-covered-with-melted-plastic-for-healthy-lunch/ ). Mmm-mmm! School officials explained it was a “mistake” that would be rectified by “training” the cafeteria staff.

Uh, who needs to be trained not to serve melted plastic to the children? For that matter, the news story doesn’t make it quite clear whether any of the hungry lads and lassies actually tried to eat this monstrosity.

And you keep on sending your children to these schools because_______?

God ordained the family–father, mother, children, and extended family.

Fallen man ordained the public schools.

This is the monkey that wants to sit where God sits.

Be careful what you worship, folks.

Humanist Religion (2): Enthroning the Bizarre


Tear down everything that’s timeless, natural, traditional, and Christian, and replace it with everything that’s opposite–that’s the humanist religion.

Because man can’t be God until he gets rid of everything that comes from God.

Impossible as it is to imagine a less deserving object of worship, humanists labor to put themselves on God’s throne. This explains their fanatical enthusiasm for all things “transgender.”

And so they demand that we, the 99% of humanity who aren’t secular humanist mutants, from now on curry favor with self-made “trans” mutants by using brand-new pronouns–or else, of course, we are guilty of Hate and Discrimination and the greatest crime of all, Not Obeying Elitist Schmucks. Political Correctness now demands we say “ze” for he or she, “zir” for his or her, and “yo” for you or any other pronoun we might need ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lauren-hennessy/pronouns-and-cons_b_3114499.html ).

As the “trans male”–in plain English, and in fact, a woman–“actress” wrote for the Huffington Post (see above), “I began to feel entitled”–entitled!–“to acknowledgement of the fact”–it is not a fact: it is a delusion–“that I’m a man.” No, you are not. This addled female insists that forcing regular people to use the new pronouns invented by kooks is part of an “extremely important battle for respect of diverse gender identities.”

What makes God God? He creates and defines reality. In order for man to be God, he must create and define his own reality.

This effort usually takes forms which are both grotesque and asinine.

Pray unceasingly for the quick passing of this age.

Humanist Religion (1): The Humanists’ God


[Above: the United Nations, a chief temple of the humanist religion]

Using technology wisely, we can control our environment, conquer poverty, markedly reduce disease, extend our life-span, significantly modify our behavior, alter the course of human evolution and cultural development, unlock vast new powers, and provide humankind with unparalleled opportunity for achieving an abundant and meaningful life.  –The Humanist Manifesto II ( http://americanhumanist.org/Humanism/Humanist_Manifesto_II )

The quote from Humanist Manifesto II identifies the humanists’ god in one word: we.

Except, of course, some of that we is more god than others.

Oh, there’s a small price to pay. You have to give up “the prayer-hearing God, assumed to live and care for persons, to hear and understand their prayers, and to be able to do something about them” because “it is an unproved and outmoded faith.” For the time being, you have to give up the hope of eternal life, too–and the forgiveness of sins. But once they learn how to download John McCain onto a disc, so he can be a U.S. Senator for the next 900 years, they may get around to making some form of immortality available to the common herd.

But again, I draw your attention to that key word, we. We are gonna do all the things that God shoulda done, but didn’t. We, through our anointed Scientific Experts, are gonna (1) control the environment, (2) get rid of poverty, (3) get rid of disease, (4) live practically forever, (5) –oh, and this is such a good one!–“significantly modify our behavior.” Yessir, they’ve had lots of practice modifying other people’s behavior! Where do you think those miles of barbed wire and those heaps of corpses come from?

The humanist will say that there is no divinity, nothing higher than man himself–the pinnacle of evolution, the boss, the cat’s whiskers, poised ready to unlock vast new powers! But again, some are very, very much higher than others. The ones outside the  barbed wire are definitely higher than the ones inside.

The humanists’ god is not the State, but the very special individuals who operate, advise, and control the state–and are fantastically enriched by doing so.

This is the religion that has taken over the Western world and all its relevant institutions–the state, science, the nooze media, the schools and universities, courts, the entertainment media, and even a rather sizeable chunk of the churches.

It, in turn, is controlled by, and is the servant of, spiritual wickedness in high places which the humanists do not admit exists.