“‘National Health’ to Push “Stop Drinking” Pill’ (2014)

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One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small…  (Jefferson Airplane)

As C.S. Lewis once said, the robber baron robs you and then moves on; but the know-it-all meddler will never get enough of interfering with your life.

‘National Health’ to Push ‘Stop Drinking’ Pill

Britain’s National Health Service, always on the lookout for another choice to snatch away from people, came up with a pill that supposedly would make you stop drinking alcoholic beverages. I mean, really, c’mon–who wants all that free will jazz? When the government knows what’s best for you! Why should they just stand by and do nothing when you make wrong lifestyle choices?

And then, after poking and pushing and telling you what you can do and can’t do all your life, next thing you know, they’re bundling you into “end of life counseling” and trying to talk you into letting them kill you… They don’t want you hanging around as a “useless eater.”

What is wrong with us, that we would ever consent to stuff like this?

(P.S.–Would you  believe it? I left out the original post!)

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  1. That really ticks me off. Now, I understand that there are people that cannot metabolize alcohol properly and I’ve seen firsthand how devastating that can be. Say what you want, the solution to this always reduces to one simple thing; a person in that situation must say “no” to alcohol on every occasion. I’ve had relatives with this situation and can attested that the only way they could function is as a capital T, total abstainer: a teetotaler.

    But there are plenty of people that don’t have any problem with alcohol. My father would drink a six-pack of beer, or less, in the typical year. Never once did he over-imbibe. The biggest danger involving his alcohol use was that pouring a drink for him meant that such a drink would probably never be consumed. He just didn’t care for alcohol, with the possible, and rare, exception of a cold beer on a hot day.

    Why should a man that is clearly able to control the role of alcohol in his life be encouraged, or even forced, to abstain? I avoid sweets, but if I feel like having some ice cream, that’s my business. Likewise for all of these matters. If I overindulge in even the healthiest of foods, there is a price to be paid and overindulgence in sweets or liquor will, likewise, extract a price. We all need to be responsible for ourselves.

    1. Being prohibited from candy or tobacco would only make my life **SEEM** longer. Much longer. I love beer, but I only have a bottle or two around Christmas.

    1. I think the idea is eventually to make it mandatory for everybody. And to invent more and more pills to abolish more and more behaviors deemed unsuitable by our masters.

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