Kowabunga! ‘Fat Studies’!


Who knew you could get a Ph.D. in this?

Here’s proof that no one can keep track of the vast cyclones of idiocy sweeping through our (ahem!) “higher education” system.

Did you know you can get a Ph.D. in Fat Studies? I didn’t know that. Why, it “builds on the tradition of gender studies and queer studies” (https://theconversation.com/explainer-what-is-fat-studies-63108). What could be more edifying? More illuminating?

Yessir, for just a couple hundred thousand dollars, you can become an accredited expert on Being Fat and What It Feels Like To Be Fat and How Mean Thin People Are.

How much more proof do you need that America has ten times more college/university than is good for us, and desperately needs to defund the whole shebang?

As for why anyone would ever shell out bucks for this–well, we really have done a job on our culture, haven’t we?

Go figure: they want you to “celebrate” and be “Proud” of fatness–and at the same time, the same people want to forbid you to have a large soda or a piece of cake.

Well, no one ever said liberals are sane.

4 comments on “Kowabunga! ‘Fat Studies’!

  1. What? — you expect people to be “sane”? Are you insanity-shaming? Are you an insanity-phobe? Or what? We obviously need a new academic degree in Coo Coo Studies.

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