Trump: More Than Just a Candidate–He’s a Movement

Trump tweets photo of American flag just before US claims Iran strike -  Business Insider

With President Trump in the hospital this weekend with a touch of the Chinese Communist Doomsday-Plus Virus, spontaneous expressions of support broke out for him throughout America.

Show me a Biden rally you couldn’t hold in a tool shed.

Mr. Trump did come out in a closed car and wave to his supporters outside the hospital in Washington, D.C.–a move which has Democrats and their pet nooze media screaming bloody murder–but most of these impromptu rallies were just that.

Is it just me, or are Trump’s supporters more fired-up than they were in 2016? I know I am. And why not? This president has earned our support. He sides with the American people against the fat-cat globalist elites. Whether it’s lopsided trade deals with China that abuse American workers, stupid Climate Change treaties that funnel power into the hands of lawyers and bureaucrats, or putting judges on the bench who actually follow the law instead of their own peculiar visions of how things oughtta be, Donald Trump has been there for us. Now it’s our turn to be there for him.

But a lot of this is the Democrats’ own fault. Every single day for four years they’ve been out for this president’s scalp. No lie is too large, no lie is too small, for them to use against him. Their hatred of him is so thick, you could slice it with a sharp knife. They have made it crystal clear that they will do whatever it takes to get themselves back into power. Even if they have to wreck our republic to do it.

They are totally unable to understand that normal people don’t like riots, Antifa, transgender, gigantic tyrannical government, flag-burning, separate national anthems for oppressed millionaires, cancel culture, open borders, and all the rest of the De Lux Democrat Fun-Pack. Noozies don’t get this, either. That’s why you see “polls” that tell us Joe Biden is Double-Digits Ahead Of Trump!

As the election looms, the Far Left Crazy’s only hope is voter fraud. Meanwhile, their pet noozies do everything in their power to swing the election Biden’s way.

You know they’ve got dirty tricks up their sleeves, and plenty of them.

Don’t let them win.

9 comments on “Trump: More Than Just a Candidate–He’s a Movement

  1. When President Trump was running for the office back in 2016, I voted for him because I didn’t want Hillary to win. I don’t like that woman and although I knew very little of what Mr. Trump was all about, I knew that he had to be better than Hillary. At least, that’s what I was hoping. All I really knew about him was that he was an outsider, a businessman, who said he was conservative. I didn’t know. I was taking a chance. I’m pleased at how he turned out. And I’m voting for him again. Love having a president who has respect for the Lord and is not afraid to mention God and prayer. I’m so sick and tired of the foolishness put forth by the Democrats and I’m praying that the House will be overturned to Republican (and good Republicans that is – no RINOS) and the Senate will stay Republican. The Democrats of today are the party of death.

  2. There is definitely more enthusiasm for Trump. I’ve heard of many Conservatives who either sat out the 2015 election or voted for Trump reluctantly, but they will enthusiastically vote for him in this election. The only reason anyone is voting for Biden is because he’s not Trump. That may be sufficient for most Dems, but it’s not going to be enough for the average non-leftist American. Voter fraud is certainly a concern, but I think Trump is going to win in spite of it all.

  3. The MSM coverage of Trump has been 95% negative for four years. Why people listen to these liars I will never understand. History will be hard on them for their treasonous ways.

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