‘Ooh! That’s Religion!’ (2012)

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I can’t forget this incident, which happened in the same school in which I spent grades K-5.

Ooh! That’s religion!

A friend sent her daughter to this school, and the girl came home babbling about “the power of the earth,” magical spells, and whatnot. So it’s not like the Educators forbid all religion. Just Christianity.

And, my fellow Christians and conservatives–have you thought about all the trouble we’ll get into if Democrats win this year’s elections? They won’t settle for teaching kids to make shocked noises at us.

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  1. Persecution of Christians is definitely advancing — in the schools, in the courts, in corporations, everywhere. And it’s occurred to me that soon we may not have many people left who’ll stay true under the pressure. The Wuhan scaremongering has trained people to be fearful, not just of a virus but of each other, and to be obedient to anyone who offers them “safety,” no matter how spurious or treacherous that “safety” may be. As I just said to someone in my church recently, “Once you’ve turned everyone into paranoid hypochondriacs, how do you turn them back into Christians again?”

    1. Great point, Phoebe. I was at the local supermarket yesterday and ran into a young man wearing a Trump hat. We chatted amiably for several minutes, masks off. This situation has become ridiculous.

      I watched a YouTube episode of the Eric Metaxas show, yesterday, about the Satanic interests of Karl Marx. The conversation went into some of the terrible things that happen, which all harken back to the idea of disrupting order in any way possible. The reaction to this virus is a perfect example.

    2. Will shall be sterner, heart the bolder, spirit the keener as our strength lessens (The Battle of Maldon).
      Who can but admit that things seem very dark just now? Leftids want COVID to go on forever: they love it.
      We absolutely have to trust in God and in His word. If He planned to let the whole shebang go down the chute, He would have told us so.
      Remember Pharaoh’s army crossing the Red Sea.

  2. There is a new book out by Rod Dreher “Live Not By Lies” that analyzes the current condition of our world. In it he makes the case that the Woke Movement is becoming the religion of the New World Order – you know the one Pope Francis preaches. By teaching our young to reject religion, they substitute it with the religion of Secular Humanism and declare it is not a religion. We need four more years of Trump. a GOP Senate and House and the 1776 Project and the removal of all Critical Race Theory teaching.

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