‘The Myth of Omnipotent Government’ (2017)

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Yowsah, yowsah, it just can’t help but turn out great!

The idea that government can create an earthly paradise for us is the whole basis of leftism; and as Steve Brown used to say, it comes from Hell and smells like smoke.

The Myth of Omnipotent Government

Can you even begin to imagine the mischief, the horror, that would ensue if human nature really were infinitely capable of being purposely shaped and molded by whoever was in power? And vain attempts to do it don’t turn out so well, either.

Our country’s founders knew that. Voices crying in the wilderness…

7 comments on “‘The Myth of Omnipotent Government’ (2017)

  1. Yes, what a disaster I recognized, even as a teen ager that man did not have the wisdom or any ability to govern himself. When trying to explain this to other people, they would blow me off and say something like, “oh we have laws for that…: well, good luck with that, too.

  2. The Left has given up the paradise stuff and is now in full mode to obtain more and more power. The Woke movement is their new religion. They are a mob who wants nothing to do with God, especially Biblical Christianity. They have no king but Caesar.

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