‘How Great Thou Art’

I grew up with this hymn. My mother and my aunts used to sing it as they did their housework. I like this rendition by Alan Jackson: How Great Thou Art. And remember, we’re always looking to add to the list of Your Favorite Hymns. If you’ve got a hymn or two, or half a dozen of them that you’d like to share, just let us know.

8 comments on “‘How Great Thou Art’

  1. I can never hear this too often. His ways are so beyond our understanding. It is good just to contemplate what it will be like when we actually see HIM face to face and worship more perfectly than we are able to do while we are on this dirty world.

  2. This song never fails to life our spirits, especially when we are singing it along with the saints. I have a song request, “O Happy Day” by the Edward Hawkin Singers – but you might want to wait on posting it until Trump is officially declared the winner.

    1. It’s on the list.
      I have to admit I’m in dread over this election and praying about it all the time. If the Democrats win, we’ve lost our country. We’ll never get it back.

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