A Website for the Undecided?

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One of the problems we face here is that we’re usually preaching to the choir. I don’t know any undecided voters, although I do know a few who voted against President Trump in 2016 but now say they’d crawl over broken glass to vote for him this time out.

Most of us here are going to vote to re-elect him. Few liberals visit this site; and of those few, I’ve had to ban most of them for coming in and peeing on the carpet (a figure of speech). They feel entitled to insult other readers; and I certainly am not going to publish what they say about me.

I’d like to visit a website for the undecided–but how long would such a website last before it was inundated by cursing, threatening Democrat trolls?

So I don’t know how to reach the undecided. Maybe some of you could share some of my posts on Facebook, or link to them from your own sites.

Well, if you’re even thinking about voting for Biden or any other Democrat–please don’t. Even if Biden were something other than a mere figurehead for the Far Left Crazy, he isn’t fit to hold any public office. The other day he forgot Trump’s name. He has bragged about his party creating “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud in the history of America.” Sometimes he forgets where he is, or what office he’s running for. I have visions of him wandering around the White House in a bathrobe at night, wondering why he can’t find the door to his basement at home. Do you really think our nuclear launch codes are safe in his keeping?

But then he’s also called people “the dregs of society” for not supporting “gay marriage,” and has advocated setting up a “national register” of churches that conform to Biblical teachings–because, he says, “Christians are like terrorists.” And don’t forget the massive corruption centering around Biden’s son, Hunter, and Biden himself. They like to sell government access to foreign powers, not all of whom are friendly to our country. But it’s netted millions of dollars for the Bidens.

The Democrat Party has gone full-blown Far Left Crazy, and Democrats will try to carry out all their dozy schemes, including massive tax hikes and the Green New Deal. It would be suicidal to vote them back into power: the end of America as we know it. Passing off Joe Biden as a “centrist” is the most dishonest thing they’ve ever done.

Please don’t help them end America.

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  1. IMHO, there’s a huge put-up job. There are some hardcore Dems that would vote for any Democrat, no matter what and there are, sadly, a lot of people that see the Dems as a way to vote themselves a piece of the public largesse. But very few people really buy into the Far Left beliefs. The tragedy is, they don’t realize that by voting for a party that has sold itself out to the Far Left, they are supporting policies they don’t actually believe in.

  2. It is like Rush Limbaugh says, Trump is running against the “d.” not Biden. The Dems have made the election about the Orange Man and their hate for him rather than what they are for, because what they are for would scare the bar-jesus out of traditional Americans. Hillary Clinton often did not know where she was when she did campaign and was in bed a lot with medical conditions.

    1. I have noticed that the Dem’s last two presidential candidates both seemed to be infirm. I think that Hillary’s collapse at a 9/11 ceremony probably harmed her more than anything else. I recall, at that time, there was a retired physician that wrote extensively about what he believed regarding her health issues. He opined, of his own accord and after consulting with others, that she had Parkinson’s disease. That is quite possible. Parkinson’s can be managed with medication, but like any such condition, the medication may have a therapeutic range which has to be maintained, meaning that some hours of the day are better than others. It would be a real shame if the president of the US was unable to respond to a crisis because they were waiting for Levodopa to kick in.

      Biden strikes me as sliding into dementia. I’ve seen clips where he appeared confused, but what I did more striking is his aggressiveness. One of my uncles, the grand old man of the family for most of my life, tragically spent his last years with dementia. The first behavioral change I noticed was not forgetfulness, but an uncharacteristic aggressiveness when he drove. This dignified man of 80, suddenly started driving like a teenager. It was completely unlike him. That was the first time I sensed trouble on the horizon.

      Biden strikes me the same way, with his combativeness and defiant attitude. He doesn’t behave like a man trying to appeal to voters, but more like a frightened and confused man, trying to bully the situation. When my uncle’s driving style changed, I don’t believe that he was trying to behave poorly, but I think that he was fighting the encroachment of the disease which had begun to afflict him. His erratic driving was a matter of over controlling, much like a driver that has been drinking will drive erratically, trying to convince themselves and others that they are not impaired. I see Biden’s behavior in much the same way. If I’m correct; he knows that he’s not doing well mentally and is over compensating, by overstating his positions.

      Candidates are chosen by voters in the primaries, but without the support of the Party, they are unlikely to ever be nominated. In the last two elections, Bernie Sanders has lost the nomination, probably because of his agenda, which I believe even frightens the Dems. Perhaps that is why we’ve had the two Democratic candidates that we have had in the last two election cycles. It’s not so much that these people were chosen, as it was that Bernie was rejected.

    2. And look at the candidates who lost out to Biden and Hillary. Beto? Liz Warren? Fact is, that party has run out of normal, sane, decent people they can run for president.

      And if you saw Biden’s vice presidential debate against the weasel Paul Ryan, you’ll remember that Biden’s incredible behavior stopped just short of climbing up to the ceiling and throwing feces down. So weird over-aggressiveness is nothing new for him.

    3. I think of the history of the party and there are few Dems that I would ever have supported. Harry Truman was a principled man and understood that being president didn’t make him king. He was a citizen-politician, much as the founders has envisioned. While I admire some things about Kennedy and certainly find him preferable to the Dems of our day, his sexual conduct reveals a truly flawed character. Had Kennedy survived, he almost certainly would have been publicly disgraced over his uncontrolled sexual appetites.

      The man whom succeeded him wasn’t even close to moral. Johnson was the epitome of amorality. Weak, feckless Carter, running around switching off lights in the White House, while foreign leaders esteemed him as so ineffectual that they ran roughshod over the conventions of civility, knowing that he had reduced America to such impotence that a response was impossible. From such a legacy, it’s no surprise that Bill Clinton stands out as being at least somewhat effective, but he sold-out American interests and empowered the Chinese. Then came Barry Soetoro (I refuse to use his chosen name), and he relieved Carter of being known as the worst president in history. He also gave billions to Iran, financing and abetting their nuclear aims. It speaks volumes that anyone would vote in favor of such a legacy.

    4. Back when the Democrat Party was founded, John Quincy Adams predicted it would never stand for anything more than demagoguery and exploitation of the ignorant.

      Think he got that right?

      That being said, we could probably use a man like Grover Cleveland again.

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