My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 29 (‘The Dems’ Deplorable Word’)

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“Looks like this riot was a little worse than the last one…”

Are they desperate enough to speak The Deplorable Word? Have they reached the point where, if they can’t rule America, they’ll try to destroy it?

Yeah, probably. They’re Democrats.

The Dems’ Deplorable Word

I have to admit I’m at a total loss to understand anyone who votes for the Riot Party and wants to give it power.

But we have less than a week to work on any undecided voters we might know.

We must not allow the Democrats to win. We’ll spend the rest of the century regretting it.

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  1. There is nothing new here. Evil wants to destroy EVERYTHING. People believe that Satan has willing servants with his demons and human servants and that he somehow supports them. No! The fact is Satan wants to absorb EVERYTHING into himself. God created, His adversary wishes only to destroy. His servants believe that he will “reward” them for their service. He won’t. Evil rewards and recognizes nothing but itself. It is entirely self-absorbed. There are no rewards for wickedness, period. The idea is to rule this country and the world, but they will destroy what they cannot overcome and, in the end, even if they rule EVERYTHING, they will still wish destroy all that they rule.

  2. You say (and said in your original post), “Put them all together, and they add up to something that comes about as close to a Deplorable Word as it’s possible to come without promising to start a worldwide nuclear war.” Well, I didn’t have time to respond to that in the original post, but here goes now:

    Maybe they don’t have to promise to start that nuclear war. Maybe the weakened (or destroyed) condition of our Nation will give the high sign to various other countries to launch a preemptive strike that they’ve had the weapons for all along but have been afraid to use because of the might of the USA. In fact, if that happens, there may not be a “war” at all, just an enemy attack followed by our government’s surrender — or disappearance. Remember, we’re talking about people who hate our Nation, maybe even more than our foreign adversaries do.

  3. I’ve watched two Trump Rallies today (Mich & Wisc) where massive crowds have come out to support our President. Sleepy Joe talks to 100 cars and calls that a rally. Only a blind person to reality would vote for Joe or think he is going to win. It is the very same people who said Hillary was going to win big who are saying Biden is going to win big – the are full of shiff.

    1. I wish I could agree with you, but I keep thinking about all those boxes of fake ballots that are sure to appear at the end. It’s happened before in local elections, and I’m worried that it’ll happen again at the federal level. Remember, the people we’re talking about are working with a whole different world view from ours. For them, there’s no good or evil in the traditional sense. The only good they recognize is whatever advances their cause.

    2. Without fraud, the Dems wouldn’t last ten minutes. They’ve become very, very skillful in stealing elections. Trust me on that: IO’m from New Jersey.

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