What Do I Write on Election Day?

Hard, tiresome work,” says 1940s film on journalism | Allie's Re "Allie" ty  // Allie Hulcher

When I was a weekly newspaper editor and reporter, back when we still used manual typewriters, I worked hard, trying to scoop the dailies. It was very hard to do! Because if I had a story on Thursday or Friday, it couldn’t be published until the following Wednesday, when our paper (The Bayshore Independent: R.I.P.) came out. So the dailies had several days to catch up, and they almost always did.

I’m still writing weekly for Newswithviews, which comes out on a Thursday, So if I write something today, Tuesday, Election Day, it’ll be stale potatoes by Thursday. And with the election uppermost in everybody’s minds, including mine, why bother? I’ll just have to wait till tomorrow and try to hustle up a column in time for the next day. And by then a lot of the readers will have election fatigue.

So I wrote a nice chunk of Behold! this morning, now that I know where I have to be to stage the climax, half a dozen blog posts, and I’ll spend the rest of my workday typing up my manuscript for Chapter Set 5 (Set No. 6 ought to do it). And I’ll have to try real hard not to get overwhelmed by the news of the election.

I’m almost tempted not to follow the results tonight, because if we lose this one and the Evil Democrat Party wins, it’s adios to America. I’ve pretty much emptied my quiver, and there’s nothing left to do but pray.

Pray hard.

10 comments on “What Do I Write on Election Day?

  1. It may not be over tonight anyway. Several states have now received permission from the courts to keep counting mailed-in votes for days after the election. Plenty of time to fill out fake ballots and “find” them in time to flip the vote. Then come the appeals and the lawsuits. Or the lawsuits and then the appeals. These are parlous times.

    1. Its function is to ensure that all the states are served by an election–not just the few with the biggest populations. It protects the many against the few. Without it, New York, California, and Illinois would dictate to the rest of the country.

  2. We watched the 1940 Raymond Massey movie about the life of Abraham Lincoln. It ends with his election and all the people who loved Abe celebrating, but Lincoln knew what he was about to face, a Civil War. Let us pray the leaders of the Left will be exposed for who they are and their conspiracy to take down Trump falls on its face. I see where George Soros son is one of Biden’s main money raisers.

    1. We are up against a dangerous combination of pure evil, low cunning, destructive stupidity, and a few clever villains thrown into the mix to keep it alive. Leftism is like a 1950s movie monster: The Blob springs to mind. How do you kill something that’s brainless, heartless, and insatiable?

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