More Lockdowns!

Coronavirus: Why are we at war over face masks?

The Eloi on the march

Toldja libs want King Covid to reign forever.

They’ve got new Maaaaaandates in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, wear that face mask, comrade! ( And a new curfew, 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., you can’t go outside unless you say “May I?” and the government says you can.

This is because after they let people out of the first bunch of lockdowns, the freakin’ germ was still there and people caught it. Surprise, surprise. Damn, shoulda kept ’em on lockdown forever! Heck, they just announced a new lockdown in the UK–for the rest of the year.

Glaringly absent from these accounts is any mention of actual deaths due to new COVID cases. They want us to believe this is the deadliest disease the world has ever known–and that our only alternative is to give up all our liberties!

Oh–and please don’t believe that swamp gas about a quarter of a million COVID deaths this year in America so far. That figure was arrived at by counting every death a COVID death. A rope breaks and a window washer falls 20 stories to his death… and we’re told the virus got him.

Notice how they keep moving the goalpost. It’s like those nightmares where you’re back in high school and you can’t get out because they keep changing the date the school year ends. If they have their way, Facemask Nation will be here forever!

Now was freakin’ well not the time to be voting for a Democrat!

(Yeesh! I wanted to rest from politics this weekend–but politics just won’t stop pecking us. And please don’t call any of the above-mentioned crapola “science.” Waddaya get when you mix science and politics? You get politics.)

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  1. I wonder how they’ll run the bakeries and groceries in Massachusetts if no one can get to work before 5am. Usually the baking starts well before 5am so everything will be ready for customers who stop in on their way to work. Same with groceries that open at 6am or earlier.

    Not sure what they’ll do about people who work swing shifts and graveyard shifts. Close down their businesses? For that matter, what about first responders, factories, and utilities that have to keep going around the clock? Ah, you say, there will be exemptions for those? Ah (again), so that means they’ll be safe if they go out during the curfew? Then why won’t other people be safe as well? In any case, what a very smart — or very lazy — virus we have here, that works only at night.

    As for that “if it’s safe for X, why is it unsafe for Y” question, I asked my pastor a similar question. When we were allowed back into our churches, we found that at my church we were allowed to sit only in every third pew, the two intervening pews being roped off. But there were so many people at the 9am, 10:30am, and noon Masses that even the overflow Masses that they had in the parish hall were having to turn people away. So finally the pastor announced that people at those three Masses could sit one pew apart, with only one intervening pew being roped off, but the 7am and Saturday 5pm vigil Masses still had to sit two pews apart because they could still fit all the people in. I asked why the 9, 10:30, and noon people were safe at one row apart but the other people weren’t — either the distance was safe or it wasn’t. He said that we needed to have Masses for people who didn’t FEEL safe at only one row apart. (Emphasis added, and I tried to suggest that maybe he should be allaying these people’s fears instead of encouraging them, but he just scowled at me instead of answering.)

    I also pointed out that with fewer people at the two earlier Masses, giving them an extra pew to sit in would actually give them more room to spread out laterally. He had no answer. And he finally let me know he didn’t want to hear anything more on the subject.

    It’s all optics. It’s all politics. It’s all play-acting. And it’s mostly borderline insanity. (I was going to say “mass hysteria,” but that might have sounded too much like a flippant pun.)

    1. This is bad and it has to stop.
      Just call the mass “a mostly peaceful protest,” and they’ll probably leave you alone.

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