Fauci to America: ‘Do What You’re Told’

Coronavirus: Dr. Fauci on why 'television baseball' could work - Los  Angeles Times

“Just shut up and do what you’re told–all of you!”

Wow! And you thought you were out of grade school, out from under getting grounded by your folks. You thought you were an adult.

Dr. Fauci says you’re not. Not really. Not to any degree that he or any other [trumpet fanfare] Scientist has to respect.

Fauci the Virus Czar acknowledges that the American people have “an independent spirit” which is now getting in the way of The Science: “I can understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told” (https://nypost.com/2020/11/13/anthony-faucis-new-covid-19-guidance-do-what-youre-told/). Presto! You’re back in middle school gym class.

Meanwhile Doddering Joe, who thinks he’s the president, has promised nationwide lockdowns, nationwide mask mandates, etc. If you voted for him, you have done a bad and foolish thing.

Why are they treating COVID-19 as if it were the deadliest disease the world has ever known? I can think of only two reasons. Either A), It really is super-horrible-doomsday-etc. and there’s something about it that they haven’t told us yet; or B) This is just the most glorious excuse they’ve ever had to take control of other people’s lives and pile up more power and money for themselves.

Does anybody out there actually believe this schiff? Are we or are we not getting the biggest damned hosing in all of history? Of which the recent stolen-election caper is only a part!

This is what happens when government has no fear of the governed. Thomas Jefferson told us so. We should have listened.

5 comments on “Fauci to America: ‘Do What You’re Told’

  1. The problem is in fact fear. Not fear of Fauci, but fear of a “disease” we are assured is deadly though the more we learn about it, the less deadly we find it to be. What IS deadly, however, is the malaise of fear that makes ordinary people abandon their liberty to seek “protection” from a government that is FAR more deadly than the deadliest virus. After all, it wasn’t the black plague that killed 55 million Russians or 60+million Chinese, it was communism.

  2. I was unable to access the reply spot on your last post, but seem to be on this one, so will ask: have you read any of the Ramon Bennet books? I highly recommend them. I had read all these things (or most of them) years ago, but he has clearly pointed out all that is and has been going on for many years, and it continues…ad infinitum

  3. To many of us, “Do as you’re told” coming from a public flunky sounds suspiciously — and almost risibly — like a line from some German commandant in a bad WWII movie. Or maybe even “Hogan’s Heroes.” Unfortunately, to too many others these days it sounds like something they must in fact obey.

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