‘The All-Devouring Federal Government’ (2014)

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Coming soon to a city near you!

Now that they’ve learned they can actually steal a presidential election, Democrats see vast totalitarian vistas opening for them–the sky’s the limit! Now they can do things to us that they could only dream of doing, just a few years ago. Now they can abuse us with impunity.

Here’s one of their little projects that was on the back burner.

The All-Devouring Federal Government

“Smart” devices that spy on you night and day so Party apparatchiks can order your every move–won’t that be fun? Even what you eat, or don’t eat. They’ll count the steps your feet take. You’ll never be free of them. And they can prey on us to their hearts’ content, because now we’ll never be able to vote them out of office.

Was this what you wanted?

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