How Dominion Software Chooses the World’s Leaders

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An executive vice president of Dominion software has reportedly bragged that Dominion’s computers (especially the “Hugo Chavez Hustler” model) tampered with national elections in Bazukastan last year to get a tree stump elected president.

“It was an experiment,” said (allegedly) Dominion honcho Antonio Pendejo, “and boy did it ever work! Schiff, man–we got a tree stump elected president!”

Asked, “Could you do it in a modern country like the United States?”, Mr. Pendejo replied, “We just did!”

The tree stump that is now president of Bazukastan does not even have a name. Dominion has suggested holding a “Name the President” contest. Unofficially, many people in Bazukastan have already dubbed the president “that ^%$#$# tree stump.”

Meanwhile, reporters have found Mr. Pendejo’s apartment vacated, his office cleaned out, and and his next-door neighbors cringingly insisting that they never heard of him.

‘They Don’t Like Our Flag, either’ (2016)

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For four whole years leftids have spat curses at normal people, abused us, hated us, and mocked the things that we hold sacred–every day for four whole years.

And now they’ve stolen an election, stolen our country out from under us. At least they think they have.

They Don’t Like Our Flag, Either

They don’t like us and they don’t like our country, and now they’ve got software to change people’s votes. Now they think they’ve got us where they want us.

We pray the Lord will cut them down.


Global Government… by Stealth

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So now we know, due to the work of lawyer Sidney Powell, that computers equipped with Dominion software–originally invented to allow Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez to ensure that elections would turn out the way he wanted–can flip an election anywhere in the world. We believe it was used to impose Joe Biden on America; but it can be, and has been, used to control the outcome of elections elsewhere.

Suddenly we have a de facto global government. Now they don’t need to set one up where everyone can see it. Now all the globalist elite has to do is make sure all the key countries are–ahem!–“governed” by their friends and clients. Why fight wars of subjugation, when modern technology can allow you to conquer countries without firing a shot?

“Dominion” is an apt name for it, don’t you think?

Far Left Crazy and its nooze media henchmen are enthused. Now they can control elections.

President Donald Trump’s legal team is fighting a last-ditch battle–or rather, a war–to preserve American independence. The chips are down; and to hear the noozies tell it, Far Left has already won, shut up and be… “governed.” By them.

But now we know what we’re up against. The curtain has been torn away.

With the help of Almighty God we will overcome the tyrants.

Pray often. Pray hard. And spread the word.