A Prayer for God’s Mercy

I really didn’t want to write this, but I think I have to.

O Lord our God! I had a fearful thought today: as you once appointed Nebuchadnezzar to burn Jerusalem and take your people Israel into captivity, as punishment for their sins–have you appointed today’s Far Left Democrats to scourge America for her sins? Have you thrown us into the hands of wicked and ungodly men?

Your anger is righteous and just: we confess our sins, our sloth, our folly. Our churches, far too many of them, have gone along to get along. We have made a shambles of our culture. And now our national elections, in which we foolishly placed our trust, have been stolen; and we are in the hands of our enemies, who intend to “fundamentally transform” our country–into what, we scarcely dare imagine.

Lord! In Jesus’ name, for Jesus’ sake, we plead for your mercy. We understand–at least some of us do–that we are entirely dependent on you.

We plead with you, O God, to have mercy on our country, to save us one more time. Abate your anger, Lord, and relent! Deliver us once more, and give us time to repent. Save us, Lord, not for our sake, for we are sinners, and our sins have brought us to this desperate crisis: not for our sake, but for your own great name’s sake: so that the world might see your mercy in action, even at this late date; and that the world might know that you are God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

8 comments on “A Prayer for God’s Mercy

  1. I can say a hearty AMEN to this prayer of yours, which is nearly verbatim to the ones I have been praying regularly. His great name should be glorified for the world to see.. and shame on us for the way we have fallen. Don’t give up, though. If enough of His people will repent, He is willing and well able to take hold of this situation and turn it.

  2. This is the prayer of my heart every day all day long since the Nov. 3rd election was stolen by widespread fraud, planned out by the enemy ever since the pandemic. I was so sure Trump would win by a landslide (Joe Biden has dementia, can people really want him?) and he did, but it was stolen. As I pray in repentance I ask our Father in heaven to restore America to her Christian moorings. I plead with our Lord, I can’t believe you have raised up Donald Trump to help secure our religious liberties just to have him cheated from a second term, so I am waiting on you precious Jesus to do a miracle.

  3. I pray for our Nation every day, especially with Psalm 80. And I also pray, “Lord, come to our aid. Save us from those who would destroy us in body and soul. Save us from the enemy within and the enemy without. Save us from ourselves.” And “Lord, help us or we perish.”

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