‘Global Warming Hysteria… Again’ (2013)

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Totally imaginary–but still scary!

Gasp! The horror! If all the oceans in the world, all at the same time, were suddenly to release all the heat stored in them, we’d all be fried! It’s true, I tell you! The International Panel on Climate Change says so! Oh, if only the government had more arbitrary power over us–!

Global Warming Hysteria… Again

The fact that there could be no reason for all the oceans to cough up all their heat didn’t faze any of the Climate Wizards of 2013; and they’re still around today, still trying to control your life. And now that their buddies have stolen a U.S. presidential election, they think they’re in the catbird seat. “Boy, will we sock it to the deplorables now!”

How do you get a job making people afraid of impossible things?

6 comments on “‘Global Warming Hysteria… Again’ (2013)

  1. It’s all about instiling FEAR! People cannot think logically if they are constantly afraid. Whatever does the job ~ the climate, a virus, the boogie man ~ whatever works will be used. Meanwhile, what SHOULD be feared will be put into place as a “cure” for the current crisis.

  2. Read Genesis 8:27

    As long as the earth endures,
    Seedtime and harvest,
    Cold and heat,
    Summer and winter,
    Day and night,
    Will never cease.

  3. Right. And if everyone inhaled at once, there would be no air left and everyone would suffocate. See, I can do that kind of chicken-littling too.

  4. Yes, the imagination of humans is incredible. Thinking for one moment that man can control anything in the universe is madness. That is what comes from rebelling against the Almighty. What utter futility.

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