They’ve Got It On Video: Voter Fraud, USA

Here’s the video from Fulton County, Georgia. At around 10 p.m. they tell the press and poll watchers to go home, they’re going to stop counting, to resume at 8:30 the next morning. And once everybody’s gone but four or five poll “workers”–everyone was told they were going to stop working–out from under the table come several suitcases full of ballots!

We are asked by our Free & Independent B.S. Nooze Media Inc. to believe there’s nothing wrong here, no fraud goin’ on (they always keep suitcases full of ballots under the table and only bring them out after everybody leaves), “The AP has called the election for Joe Biden,” lie-lie-lie.

But here it is–on video! Just like in a bank when someone robs it.

Are we supposed to tolerate “just a little” election fraud? “Some” fraud? How much fraud is OK?

Democrats cannot win a fair and honest election. They cannot win without cheating and stealing votes.

This travesty of an election must be overturned.

The video is out there for everyone to see.

7 comments on “They’ve Got It On Video: Voter Fraud, USA

  1. Yes, we see this video BUT it’s explained away. Those were not suitcases under a table covered with a black tablecloth. NO. What we were supposed to see was baskets pulled out from the workers’ desks! My husband and I as well as so many others have been praying that the truth not only comes out but is recognized for what it is and that right is established and wrongdoing is punished. I know that Tennessee probably had some cheating going on but from now on I’ll never be able to vote in any election without checking to be sure that my vote got counted. I think I can check it.

    1. Noozies lie about everything. They never tell the truth. Of course they “explain it away.” Because they think we’re stupid.

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