‘Bill Nye the Death Guy’ (2017)

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If you’re not buying what he’s selling, he wants you dead.

No one hates the human race more than a humanist. Here’s “Bill Nye the Science Guy” proving it–rooting for whole generations to day out so he and his satanist playmates can Save The Planet From Climbit Change.

Bill Nye the Death Guy

Ain’t liberals sweet? If you don’t accept their whole line of booshwa, you don’t deserve to live.

These are horrible people, and any power that they have is too much power.


4 comments on “‘Bill Nye the Death Guy’ (2017)

  1. I have come to really dislike this character. He showed up at the Ark Encounter, hoping to shoot a video ridiculing it. Ken Ham countered by allowing him to bring in his cameras, but only if Ham could bring his cameras too, and accompany Nye. Of course, this pretty much tanked Nye’s plans, but they carried on with Nye straining to remain civil.

    Satan is the enemy of the human race, and is glad to use his minions to tell us that we must live a subsistence existence in order to save the planet. On the other hand, God repeatedly commanded that we multiply and fill the earth. Sorry Billy Boy, but I believe my Maker.

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