The Evil Must Not Stand

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With the media gaslighting us 24/7 (“Joe Biden is our president! He is, he is!”) and the surrender monkeys up on Capitol Hill all set to hand the country over to crooks and predators with whom they’ve shared the booty for years, and every villain’s hand raised against our president, Donald Trump–well, we just have to pray harder!

Government by Manufactured Consent must not be allowed to stand. This monstrous travesty of an election, with evidence of fraud and crime heaped up as high as the sky, must be overturned–even if it takes the hand of God to do it.

Crime must not flourish. Criminals must not seize control of countries. People seem to think, “Aw, what the hell does it matter, it’ll just go back to business as usual…”

Are you mad? Do you not listen? We are drifting into the hands of exceedingly wicked people whose notion of “normal”–trust me!–you don’t ever want to see. They committed this great unprecedented crime of stealing an election because they expected a fabulous reward! For them, not for you.

Oh Lord our God! Our sins, our folly, our sloth have gotten us into all this trouble, from which we cannot climb out without your aid. Your anger against us is righteous and just. But we entreat you, O God, to set aside your anger and let it fall instead on the heads of the wicked persons who have done this thing: America’s enemies, foreign and domestic. Smite them, O Lord! Deliver us out of their hands. Not for our sake, but for Jesus’ sake. Not for our sake, but for your own name’s sake: that all the world might see your glory and your power; that all the world might know that you are God. In Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

5 comments on “The Evil Must Not Stand

  1. As always, may God’s will be done. He is far above all human government and preserves His children in the one true faith in Jesus Christ, our savior — no matter who our president is. That is my prayer.

  2. Squalor and martyrdom ahead — already being openly promised. Keep praying, And be ready to witness.

    And notice I said “promised,” not “threatened.” A threat usually has an “unless” escape clause. A promise has no room for negotiation.

  3. I know in my soul that America is way overdue for judgement, and that it might even do us good … but I still pray for deliverance and revival.

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