Exempt from the Virus–Really?

College Basketball Is Yuck. March Madness Is Delicious - WSJ

So I turned on the radio to listen to Sean Hanity yesterday, but what I got instead was a Rutgers University basketball game. Country’s on the brink of blowing up, and we’ve got collidge basketball.

Whoa! Wait a minute! Where are the face masks? How come they’re not running up and down the court with masks over their mouths and nostrils? And where’s the Social Distancing? Schiff, those players are actually guarding each other–you can’t do that from six feet away!

What’s that you say? King COVID is a fan of collidge basketball so he leaves the players alone? You know–like the virus knows a riot is in a good cause, and wouldn’t dream of making the rioters sick. Same as how the rising sea levels know not to drown Obama’s new mansion on the water line at Martha’s Vineyard.

But I don’t get why college basketball should be exempt from all the Mandates and Governors’ Orders that get regular people yelled at and threatened if they walk down the sidewalk without a mask. What’s so special about college basketball in particular and sports in general? How did they get an exemption of the kind usually reserved to woke rioters and sleazy Democrat politicians?

Is it just because college itself is so sublimely woke, so totally devoted to destroying sanity and freedom, so deeply committed to every form of wickedness and folly, that King COVID just can’t bear to lay a finger on it? Because the whole purpose of the virus panic is to establish total control, by globalist tyrants, over all human life?

What do you think?

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