‘What Beliefs Will We Be Allowed to Have?’ (2015)

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At the time, this came to nothing. But that was before Democrats learned how to steal a presidential election.

What Beliefs Will We Be Allowed to Have?

See, now that the voting machines will spit out however many votes they need, they can do anything they please and never worry about being voted out of office. They will govern not by the consent of the governed, but by manufacturing consent as needed.

And then they can pass laws telling us what we can believe and what we can’t. If they even bother anymore to go through the charade of enacting laws.

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  1. Actually, the overlords have found a less obvious way to make dissent illegal than passing laws against verbal dissent. Note what they’ve done during the Wuhan panic. You can argue against the lockdowns and masks and distancing and inflated mortality figures and all the rest of it all you want — as long as you do it from behind a mask, at least six feet away from every other human being, and not inside a locked-down business or (horrors!) a church. See? No one is stopping you from voicing an opinion against the official narrative. It’s only when you disobey the draconian restrictions they’ve placed on you IN THE NAME OF the official narrative that you get punished.

    Fast-forward to the draconian restrictions imposed IN THE NAME OF the climate change narrative. You can dissent all you want … verbally. But you’ll be forced into behaving as though you agree. As a bonus, this won’t even be anything new. You’ll have been trained to obey by the year of Wuhan rules, and also trained into fearing and distrusting anyone who isn’t obeying. This year was just the rehearsal.

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