Surrender Monkeys

Opinion | The Coronavirus Bailout Stalled. And It's Mitch McConnell's  Fault. - The New York Times

Every day we get several dozen emails from Mitch McConnell and other grubs asking us to pour more of our own money into the Georgia U.S. Senate race.

This comes after McConnell and the rest of his gang have abandoned President Trump and endorsed China Joe Biden as his replacement, courtesy of a massively fraudulent election. Like, we can accept some election fraud, can’t we? Joe’s not so bad, even if he’s as crooked as a corkscrew and borderline gaga. How many times has McConnell had lunch with Biden over the years, and they both got up from the table laughing? At us, most likely.

We agree that if the Republicans can keep control of the Senate, much of what the Democrats have threatened to do to us becomes mostly idle chit-chat. Can’t raise taxes without the Senate. Can’t confirm judges without the Senate. So, yeah, we want the Senate saying “No!” to everything Biden might propose.

But you slimeballs shouldn’t have betrayed our president. We will hold you to account for that.

Our country needs to be rescued out of the hands of a corrupt, globalist ruling class. McConnell and Biden both belong to that class.

There are 75 million of us who voted to keep Donald Trump in the White House. That has to count for something. They can’t just laugh us off, can they?

There has to be a way for 75 million people to keep their country from being stolen out from under them.

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