It Has Hit the Fan

Again, you don’t need me to tell you about this; but it is history in the making, and I believe I ought to note it here.

Patriotic protesters have stormed and occupied the steps of the Capitol, putting a halt to Congress’ deliberations on the objections to 2020’s fraudulent election. We are told Vice President Mike Pence has skedaddled and that members of Congress have retreated to protected tunnels under the building.

Chased there by the people they’re supposed to represent.

Democrats were not wise to play the same tricks in the Georgia Senatorial elections this week. They’ve only made America madder.

This travesty of an election must not stand. If Congress won’t represent us, then let them fear us.

Democrats, after all, spent all of 2020 teaching us that rioters get what they want, that’s how you run the country. Now they’re going to reap what they’ve sown.

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  1. Still, they shouldn’t be breaking the law — especially in an attack on the Capitol, which makes them seem (note that I say “seem”) to be attempting to overthrow the government. They’re wrecking everything we stand for, and they’re giving the opposition ammunition to use against all of us. This is horrible.

    As I logged on tonight, I noticed a headline in one of my news feeds that Trump has ordered in the National Guard. Thank God. Now they can’t say he’s supporting the insurrection.

    What a terrible day this has been. Lord, we beg you to deliver us from all these evils — including the evils within our own hearts.

    1. As far as trashing the republic, Democrats and their stooges started it. Stealing the election cannot be tolerated; it will kill us if we let it stand.

    2. The trouble is that they own the media — and now they own all of Congress and the federal Deep State as well. They can declare us domestic terrorists and truly suppress us, with force if they deem it necessary. And they won’t stop with the people who stormed the Capitol, but will tar all Trump supporters with the same brush. Who’ll stop them? Who’ll even disbelieve them? Again, they own the media.

      I know this sounds alarmist. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. But look at what they’ve done with the Covid scare. They’ve turned half the population into paranoid hypochondriacs who hate and distrust anyone who isn’t a paranoid hypochondriac.

    3. All the same, there are 75 million of us, we create 90% of the country’s wealth, and that just has to count for something.

  2. I just read on LifeSiteNews that Trump issued a tweet and a Facebook video urging his supporters to be peaceful and leave, because we’re the side of law and order and have a country to save. Shortly afterward, Facebook took down the video and Twitter barred his tweet from being liked, replied to, or retweeted. See? They own the media. Now they’ll claim that Trump supported the violence. And unless people took screen shots to keep posting as Big Tech tries to suppress them, who’ll know otherwise.

    Also, the police shot one of the stormers of the Capitol — a woman, an unarmed woman. She has now died. Do you think there will be protests by the left against police brutality? Of course there will … and I am Marie of Romania. (Dorothy Parker’s version of your “I am the Duke of Flatbush.”)

    I’m going to shut down my computer in a few minutes. I can’t bear any more of this tonight. (No, no, by “this” I don’t mean you or your blog. I mean everything that’s going on in Washington, Georgia, and the rest of the country.)

  3. Those who “stormed the Capitol” were ANTIFA in drag. They weren’t Trump supporters and they were there for a photo op INCLUDING the battle flag. Believe me, this whole thing as been choreographed since November of 2016. Trump had not ONE legitimate supporter including Gowdy and Pence. It’s over, folks. Now all we have to do is prepare for going with the wicked or martyrdom. No other choices remain.

    1. Val, I believe you’re correct about antifa. Three of my friends were there, and one of them texted me this morning that antifa had shown up with Trump regalia and most likely were the ones leading the storming of the Capitol. That explains how the scaffolding against the Capitol got there — and also explains my bemusement when I saw the video of one of the men on the scaffold letting the American flag fall off it without showing any distress about the desecration of the flag. Of course, we still need some proof. There’s been too much speculation and assumption from the other side for us to make any mistakes that they can point at.

      There’s an interesting interview over at LifeSiteNews with a man who was caught up in the crowd at the Capitol. Some of what he says does seem to support the presence of antifa.

    2. Interestingly enough, the phrase “Reichstag Fire” popped into my mind as I watched some of the videos this morning — and that was before my friend texted me about antifa — but I brushed it away and almost forgot about it. So I’m glad to see that the same thought has crossed other people’s minds as well. Now let’s see whether there’s any solid proof — not that I know what we could possibly do with the proof, considering how much proof we had of the stolen election.

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