Why They Hate Donald Trump

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Even with the election theft nailed down, even with all three branches of government in their hands and nothing to impede their destruction of America as we know it–even now, with them sitting in the catbird seat, Democrats’ hatred of Donald Trump is unquenchable. It borders on hysteria.

Why do they hate him so? Well, at least some of the reasons are obvious.

They hate him because he’s not one of them, not of the political class but an outsider. The White House is perceived as the exclusive property of America’s professional political class.

They hate him because throughout his campaign and during his presidency, he mocked our political big shots, got us peasants laughing at them, threatened to shake them off their pedestals.

But of course the unforgivable sin of Donald Trump was success. Remember Pipsqueak Obama saying America’s manufacturing sector was dead, “Those jobs are never coming back. What’s he [Trump] gonna do–wave a magic wand?” And within a few months of Trump’s inauguration, he had the economy humming again–and manufacturing was coming back, after all.

Totally unforgivable! He made our professional politicians look like the incompetent, feckless, bumbling, corrupt yinks that they are. He routinely did the things they can’t do, could never do. And in so doing, he forged a connection with the American people that they could only overcome by massive fraud.

They want to make sure that no outsider like Trump should ever again dare to run for president, and win. This is why they will not be satisfied with ousting him from the White House. Not enough: they will seek to destroy him–as a warning to others.

But we say, Thank you, President Trump! The good things that you did will now be undone. You couldn’t drain the Swamp, but you were the only one who tried. The Swamp got back at you, big-time. And now it will go back to feeding on us and on our labors. You tried to spare us that: shame on us if we ever forget.


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    1. They hate us for God’s sake, they had God for our sake, and they hate Donald Trump because he showed them up as total wastes of space.

  1. You said it well Lee, every single time they made fun of him and said it couldn’t be done he went right ahead, did it and did it well. We’ll never have another president like him!

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