‘Where “Diversity” Means Conformity’ (2017)

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Very probably the worst idea ever hatched in America is the idea that everybody has to go to college.

Because that means that virtually everybody winds up conforming with everybody else and in fact you get no diversity at all–and woe unto anyone who dares to think for himself!

Where ‘Diversity’ Means Conformity

Studies have been done that show the astonishing degree of conformity in our colleges. And then think about this–Harvard Looniversity has an annual budget of over $40 billion. Billion? Did you say billion? ‘Fraid so.

If America had any instinct for self-preservation at all, we would cut off the public funding of the universities.

But it looks like self-preservation has been “educated” out of us–big-time.

7 comments on “‘Where “Diversity” Means Conformity’ (2017)

  1. It will either go one way, to extreme or it will go just the opposite. There are still many people who are ready to rebel and try to reinstitute the former ways of self-sufficiency that were the norm a hundred years ago. There is some good, but also some bad in that idea. We know the “liberal” ideology is corrupt. There is really nothing liberal about it. I know I don’t have to explain that.

  2. Good insight, Lee. The American people have lost their sense of self-preservation. At our founding George Washington, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton had a fierce political fight in convincing people the United States needed a Navy Department. They thought the Atlantic Ocean would protect them. Thomas Jefferson even suggested renting Portugal’s navy to defend us.

    1. I have my doubts that our republic will survive the next two years. It doesn’t take that long to turn a strong, prosperous country into a Third World basket case.

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