Pelosi: How to Smear Your Opponents

We’re going to have some fun around here today–“Certain we will!” as Long John Silver used to say–but first let’s dispose of this before they pull it down from YouTube and say it never happened.

Here is the Squeaker of the House of Reprehensibles, Nancy Pelosi, describing how you smear and destroy your political opponents. To summarize: Step One, “Demonize your opponent” with as many lies as you can think of [Example: Harry Reid asserting that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes–which was totally untrue, and Reid knew it]; Step Two, feed the lies to “journalists” so they can be spread all over the country–as Pelosi puts it, “Smear somebody with falsehoods… and then you merchandise it”; and Step Three, spout the lies again, but this time duck responsibility for them by saying, “Well, it’s being reported in the press, so it must be true.” She goes so far as to give us the name of this technique: “the Wrap-up Smear.”

Snopes the self-proclaimed “fact checker”–yeah, right–offered a pathetically lame excuse for Pelosi, saying she was only talking about what Republicans, not Democrats, do. It’s a good thing for the mugs at Snopes that they’re incapable of shame. Yeah, Snopes–our Free & Independent In The Bag Nooze Media Inc. always runs with Republican smears of thoroughly innocent Democrats… like Hunter Biden. Would you please try to invent some lies that are at least believable, even if only for a fleeting moment?

There is a certain morbid fascination in listening to Pelosi: it’s like a lecture series given by Dracula, only not quite as wholesome.

It took a lot of election fraud to keep her as Speaker. Note that absence of a face mask. But that’s for you and not for your masters.

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  1. With the Tech cabal and the Left’s Reset, we are no longer watching any TV news except Greg Kelley on NewsMax. I don’t understand why the other conservative shows are so obsessed with airing the crazy things the Democrats are saying (the 25th Amendment, Impeachment for inciting riots, ad nauseum), and we especially don’t want to have to listen to Hollywood degenerate celebrities mouth off their socialist politics of hate. We get our news from the Internet. During 8 years of the Clintons, and 8 years of the Obamas we did not let them into our house via the TV – when they came on, we switched the channel.

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